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Deep Expose 1: Copy of Times Now HD audio change

As we all know there is a low quality forum with all kinds of anti social elements living and posting. In that there is one copy cat which copies everything very Deep. I had posted about Times Now HD adding a new audio. This was copied by it and it put stb menu as proof that itself found it. Which stb shows audio changes when he scans? Why he all the time finds those after we post here? This copy cat also runs one youtube channel which is shame for youtube itself because all the contents (100%) are copied from some where or the other. This person doesn’t have anything original. Naturally he is awarded in that low quality forum as per their tradition.

My original post was posted at 24 November 2018 at 5:41 AM (do I spoil my sleep just for this shameless to copy?).

Deep copying by the shameless to the low quality forum. He copies it at 8.27 AM today (25-Nov-18)

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  1. Yep I’m shameless. Baboon bhai taught me to copy and post in … and You Tube for money. You can never acheive success like Baboon Bhai does. We only do everything for money. Unlike you poor people. We are corrupted and we’ll always win.

    Regards Deepak Sharma

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