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Deep Expose 2: Copy of Travel XP Audio change update

In my first part I showed how one person was copying from here to a low quality forum and also how he makes his youtube videos. Digging Deep into his profession I have found few more things about him. My inputs were given from person who knows him very well. Some time back he has alleged to have put 5 cband dishes which he bought from a scrap shop. He claimed he put all of them on terrace, to show he is real hardworking. As it was such a silly thing no one bothered him.

He took advantage of it, and he set only one dish and started copying our posts. As already he was caught for copying, this time he started moving that dish for the sake of putting stb menu to fool people that he himself found those changes. He needs publicity so with his copying skills he got quickly promoted in the copy cat forum and he also started a youtube channel in the hope of earning some income. As he is already visible in that copycat forum, he managed to catch some members to come to his channel (offcourse at the loss of that useless forum).

What ever his life, its none of my business but copying from here is very bad and if that forum mods have any shame then they should remove those posts and ban these kinds of people who copy from here.

Travel XP HD audio change was first posted at 15-11-18 at 5:51 am.

Our deep didn’t notice it lol. Then MJ posts it once again to see whether Deep copies it on 19-11-18 at 5:26pm.

This time our Deep finds it and thinks fit to copy. He copies it 24-11-18 at 8:15

This is the standard of that Forum and with fake members and fake posts without shame they praise themselves.

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