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Dil Punjabi added on Airtel news copied by Akash Solanki

As usual copy cats back to business. They were copying daily and today I thought to post about one such shameless act. We posted about Dil Punjabi being added on Airtel Digital TV today at 2.27AM.

Akash Solanki who woke at 7.19am came here and copy pasted to that copy cat forum where they allow all these shameless things. Mostly other forums would have banned these kinds of copycats but not in this forum. Now see his post


Any doubt about his copying capabilities? For this copy paste job there are thank givers as well! May be himself with dupe id or may be Admin with dupe id.

When this is their standard they had audacity to complain that some one else has copied theirs! See this joke below

This copycat forum is worldwide hit as per the dupe id! A forum living on others work and admin buying things out of this money which doesn’t belong to him.


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  1. Dogs tail never changes.
    Copying are their habits sir.
    Deep inside everyone knows, DTH Helpnet is no.1.

  2. Haha, great post to make swach publishers but they are like dogs tail.Admin himself has many duplicate IDs and most members know it

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