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Dish HD DVR Launched and Priced at Rs. 2690

Dish HD DVR Launched and Priced at Rs. 2690

As a part of product portfolio expansion, Dish TV today launched a new high definition (HD) digital video recorder — The Dish truHD+ — that will be sold to consumers at Rs 2,690.

Dish TV is also offering a free upgrade to its consumers who already own an HD set-to-box.



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  1. USB pen drive can never be compared with HDD but dishtv move is ok

  2. Dish Tv has launched their new recorder called Dish TruHD+ which claims that it allows you to record “unlimited” TV programs on their DVR. All people have to do is buy an external hard drive and connect it to the set top box. While it sounds good, the truth is that it is just a marketing ploy by Dish Tv to position itself in DVR market.
    Let me deconstruct how it works. This is known as DVR lite. This concept, allows subscribers to use the HD set top box as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) by plugging in a USB based flash drive (pen drive/ external hard disk drive). A HD Set top box has a USB Port. A USB based flash drive like a pen drive or an external hard disk drive can be connected to the box to create a hard disk functionality The basic DVR features such as record ,rewind, fast forward etc then become available on insertion of the flash drive.The catch is , you have to buy two things, first a USB drive to store the data and a specialist DVR remote. And these entail great additional costs.
    So while Dish TruHD+ may look really convenient, things get complicated when you actually start using it. Getting the USB drives, upgrading it if it falls short, buying the right DVR remote are just too many unnecessary hassles. I would rather get a real DVR like the one Tata Sky+ HD gives with 500 GB Hard disk

  3. The above Offer is Special On Line Offer

  4. [align=center][img]http://www.dishtv.in/DishtruHDplus/images/pre-home-delivery.jpg[/img][/align]

    Its only Rs. 2290 to get Dish Tru HD+ 1 Month any Pack + 4 GB Pen Drive (But for first 1000 customers only)

  5. price tag is better than other dvrs in the market

  6. Just watch this promo


  7. [img]http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/425701_10150750509903066_152223988065_12327822_921309471_n.jpg[/img]

  8. cheap recorder cost but i do not think it will suceess

  9. Thank you Samanth for the picture.

  10. [align=center][img]http://i39.tinypic.com/sg0sol.jpg[/img][/align]

  11. What im wondering is the piracy issue on recording to ext HDD,hw will data ae encrypted? I think as long as no official HDD is released i think users are limited to 4 gb.

  12. [quote=’sivkr’ pid=’5762′ dateline=’1328205396′]
    it seems users can upgrade the HDD externally
    [/quote]That is good idea.

  13. it seems users can upgrade the HDD externally

  14. Its cheaper because there is no HDD.. only 4gb and limited options compared to other DVRs.

  15. Isn’t this cheaper compared to other DTH DVR in the market?

  16. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’5741′ dateline=’1328198043′]
    🙂 i think one member already mentioned about this price few days ago
    Yes, with certain images too..

  17. 🙂 i think one member already mentioned about this price few days ago

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