Dish TV removes PARAS TV channel now 22-Mar-2018

Dish TV removes PARAS TV from the frequency 11130 V 29500. PARAS TV was available on NSS 6/SES 8/Gsat 15 at 95/93.5 degrees East.

Old technical Parameters of PARAS TV channel on Dish TV:

Channel name:PARAS TV
DTH: Dish TV
Symbol Rate:29500
Video PID:4557
Audio PID:Default MPEG PID 4558 hin
Service ID: 33350

As per scan on 22-Mar-2018


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  1. I also required paras Channel on Dish Tv otherwise I will also change my Dishtv setup box

  2. I agree with Anshul Jain.
    Please add Paras Channel to Dish TV. Otherwise we need to change this dth box.

  3. Why you remove paras channel… Please add paras channel on dish tv… Otherwise I will change my dth.
    Thank you

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