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DTH Comparison – South Regional Channels Availability – Updated

[color=#FF0000][u]As on 01/06/2012[/u][/color]

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  1. This new addition is good.But the more important thing is that whether all these channels get registered with proper patents and copy rights or not.If this done then this very best thing.

  2. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 22/08/2012[/u][/color]


  3. Good Comparison list

  4. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 24/07/2012[/u][/color]


  5. Tatasky is the worst with many missing channels.

  6. [color=#FF0000][u]Corrected As on 03/06/2012[/u][/color]


  7. DTHGuide – I am able to see the image?!

    People – Thanks will update the chart.

    tsrocks – will try provide that chart as well.

  8. any such chart for english channels?

  9. Zee 24 gantalu available on 452 in ADTV
    jai hind vailable on 597 in ADTV

  10. viki brother,please upload new image , i think the image u uploaded is removed from the server.

  11. List updated in the first post.

  12. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 01/06/2012[/u][/color]

    @ Admin : Please update first post with this.

  13. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 15/03/2012[/u][/color]


  14. Updated with recent changes in ADTV , SUN Direct and TATA Sky.

  15. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 24/02/2012[/u][/color]


  16. Hope they will make me to do changes again soon 😉

    Apart from MM addition there was some unnoticed errors 😉 corrected that too…

  17. Again they made you to change the list 😀 Thanks for the list 🙂

  18. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 10/02/2012[/u][/color]


  19. Very informative list Viki.

  20. yes, its almost done as per my info.. and those channels are to start from month end.. also from 15th some new recharge offers and channels including in base packs..

  21. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’6120′ dateline=’1328797947′]
    by month end those Sun channels will start.. so * might will be removed 🙂

    Good if they remove that * Mj… 🙂

  22. by month end those Sun channels will start.. so * might will be removed 🙂

  23. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 06/02/2012[/u][/color]

    [color=#FF0000][u]As on 04/01/2012[/u][/color]


  24. Uploaded to another image sharing site

    [color=#FF0000][u]As on 04/01/2012[/u][/color]


  25. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’4512′ dateline=’1326201547′]
    @Admin/Dthhelp.com .. check the images are not loading in this thread.

    Problem with Image loaded site. That is why 🙁

  26. @viki, tatasky might increase telugu channels column soon.. they are increasing it to about 21- 23 telugh channels with Bhakti, Subhavartha and Maa Music also possible.

  27. @Admin/Dthhelp.com .. check the images are not loading in this thread.

  28. good work viki, itsclearly showing the shame of tatasky with just 4 malaylam channel on it

  29. Thanks Viki,

    I have updated the first post with the last corrected list.

  30. Corrected List


  31. Thanks Mj… 🙂 Correct me if there is some error.

    BTW, All our forums has old channel lists , all need to be updated.

  32. nice comparision viki..

  33. Done, now the listed is updated.

  34. [color=#FF0000][u]As on 04/01/2012[/u][/color]


    Updated with recent additions and changes.

    Admin , Move this reply to first post.

  35. Viki you have to update as Raj Digital went to another satellite which needs mono block lnb and not available to all Dish sd customers.

  36. ABN Andhrajyothi is not available in Dish now. You need to update it Viki

  37. Will do , I am out of station. Will do on Monday or after that.

  38. @Viki,

    the list needs to be updated with the changes sandy has mentioned above.

    Please update it asap.

  39. @Viki, the list needs to be updated.

    Kalaignar TV removed from DD Direct+.

    Suvarna News 24×7 & NTV channels available on Tata Sky.

  40. Nice list viki…. You are really a Wiki… 🙂

  41. Utv action telugu is there on airtel also.. so update that also

  42. Thanks for the list Viki.

  43. good work viki.. i think one correction needed in Telugu
    Zee 24 gantalu is there on d2h in active screen under State Active 🙂

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