E24 channel removed from Videocon D2h on 12-Apr-2018

E24 was removed from Videocon D2h from the frequency 11051 V 29999. E24 was coming on ST 2 at 88 degrees East.

Earlier Parameters of E24 channel:

Channel name:E24
DTH: Videocon D2h
Symbol Rate:29999
Video PID:4761
Audio PID:Default MPEG PID 4762 hin
Service ID: 16

Latest update as on 12-Apr-2018


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  1. I want E24 back it is my favourite channel I want it back plzzzz.

  2. Bring back E24 that was my favorite channel or else will change into other network

  3. please bring back my favourite e24 channel.otherwise i would like to change the setup box once aqain in to tatasky.this is free to air channel like homeshop18,shopcj etc.so i request you to get back this to your channel menu.please……..!

  4. Pls bring E24 into Videocon.. m used to it..

  5. Please add e24 it’s my mom’s favourite channel… please please…eaither I will change my set up…

  6. what’s wrong with you… bring the channel back otherwise I will change the setup box

    1. I want e24 channel


  8. I want e24 back

  9. I want e24 back…. otherwise I will discard videocon

  10. Bring back e24

  11. time to leave vd2h byeeee or brng bck e24

  12. This is really very bad how can you guys remove E24

  13. Bring E24 channel back otherwise i m changing to tata sky..,😡

  14. I am regular viewer of e24. Please bring back e24 on videocon d2h. Otherwise i will discard videocon d2h.

  15. I am regular viewer of e24. please bring back e24 on videocon d2h.

  16. If e 24 not came back we will discard vd2h dish and install Tata sky.

  17. WHY!!!!!!!
    Bring Back E24!!!

  18. First you removed Animax and then E24!! My mom is a regular viewer of E24. Bring the channel back!!

    1. Please come e24 channel no.on Videocon d2h

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