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FEC Of 5 Transponders Changed to 5/6 in Tatasky

Tatasky changed the FEC of 5 existing Horizontal Transponders to 5/6 from 7/8. now 11 Transponders r in 5/6 FEC.


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  1. stay awake for more price hike … Tatsky will hike more for pack prices too…

  2. OK Sir. Thank You so much for regular updates. Now tata sky is also increasing Multi-TV charges from 1st June, i am quite sure new channels are on the way

  3. I think no as i have to check each and every channel now..if i had followed from the start then it would be easy..
    I think u can check in Updates threads..

  4. So sir can u plz give a break up as to how many chs in each DVB-S TP are in MPEG2 or MPEG4

  5. Not all channels in MPEG4.. I wrote it in earlier post..

  6. So 5 TP’s currently have all chs in MPEG4 but are still in DVB-S?

  7. Yes there r 5 DVBS TPs waiting for conversion to DVBS2 barring Home TP but not all Channels in MPEG4
    Check here → http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–Transponders-of-Tatasky-from-Insat-4A-83-degree-East?pid=37136#pid37136

  8. Also sir, is there a tp ready which can now be converted to DVB-S2 now by which i mean i mean it has all chs converted to MPEG4?

  9. Yes sir as now they have enough bandwidth, earlier they used to decrease FEC to add more bandwidth. Now they can easily increase it as MPEG4 Migration has given them enough bandwidth, also there will be less rain fade

  10. Yes.. there should not be much issues of signals during rainy seasons but i think this time they changed very early .. may be bcoz of migrations too..

  11. Now that they have bandwidth plus as monsoon i approaching so they have done these changes

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