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FEC of all 6 Vertical Transponders increased to 2/3 in Tatasky…

Tatasky increased the FEC of all Testing Vertical Transponders to 2/3.. 4 V TP s were having 5/6 and 2 were in 3/4..


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  1. But Amantan bro has still not answered. Can u plz give details about the same?

  2. I have told u only Amatan can tell more about those.. still u r asking me 😛

  3. Kumar Sir, how many PID’s have in total been added on all 6 V TP’s

  4. Yesterday i had a chat with them and they r telling that many changes r in store, let’s see what they do. May be they will introduce add ons, diff hd packages etc.

  5. Still they have to remove HD AF .. once they remove then surely many will opt for Tatasky itself..

  6. Thanks for the explanation sir. Interesting to see what they do. I am sure they r planning something very big. Since last few months their strategy has completely changed, they r adsing new chs one after another that too in bulk plus giving so many cheap and good offers. Tata Sky is total paisa vasool now. Have high hopes from them now in 2016 too

  7. That depands on what and how Tatasky enable the NIT for and in Transponders… some times u even get all other Transponders by using any existing transponders for NIT… but some times they enable only the Home Transponder… these r not known to those so called great experts who r thinking as they r over the moon and knows every thing …this doesnt mean i know every thing but still learning.. … 🙂

  8. Thank you sir. Now i understood all the things. But when u edited 11010 H entry point then all other H tp’s were available in tp settings but right now all V tp’s r not present in settings so will H tp’s in settings cater to V tp’s too and only Home tp of V polarity is required separately in settings?

    This is what i want to know

  9. No.. u can check the Entry Point TP… The GSAT 10 Transponder 11550 V might be the Home TP/Entry Point as the same is opening in the TP page.. BTW U will not get the Editing of Entry Point in every Sat options…
    I have tried few months ago to edit Entry Point default TP but i got signals but only channels from that TP was enabled in STB… at that time in NIT Too only 11010 H was getting all Transponders ..
    I think now u got it..

  10. So it means only 10970 V is required for V tp’s and all V tp’s will be scanned with it?

  11. U R wrong… those r not for single Transponder… For example the existing Option is for the Home Transponder of Present Transponders/NIT … these for the Network update of all remaining TP .. all Transponders affiliated to that Transponder will scan/come automatically in the STB..

  12. TP settings has 16 TP’s, wonder how tata sky will operate 24 tp’s with this

  13. Its in GSAT10-K9 option…

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]
    u will get 11010 V 27500 3/4 DVBS-QPSK in GSAT10-14eq but no signal…

    this is the signal in IN4A
    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

  14. Let’s see sir what they r upto. Keep us updated 🙂

  15. There is no need of all Transponders for addition of HD Channels upto 60-65 … only 4 is enough … ….

  16. 4K is non existent right now. All 6 will be used for HD, they will add 10 more HD chs shortly

  17. Atleast 1 Transponder is for 4K as i think .. for HD channels 4 is more than enough as off now….

  18. Totally agree with ur analysis sir. They need to decrease load on Insat 4A too as it reaches its end of life. We can see many additions too in both SD and HD category. Removing HD chs from Insat 4A will release vast bandwidth, i guess around 30-40 SD chs would be added and it will continue all thru next year as they target phase 4 of digitization.

    On GSat10 too they will add new HD chs on two tp’s. 4K can now be added in same bandwidth as it is required for 2 HD chs in MPEG4 as they r using HEVC compression for 4K plus it will be a temporary channel for T20 World Cup , Olympics or few other events

  19. I have no such knowledge like many have in other forums… 😛
    I think they will now shift HD Channels to V TPs … this will help them to add SD Channels from existing Transponders and also gets more space for carriage fee channels too ….
    separate transponder may be having 15-20 HD Channels and they might reserve 1 transponder for 4K ..
    But we cant predict Tatasky u know..

  20. Sir, what are guesses as to what will happen. Let’s have a outcome discussion if u have some time to spare 🙂

    I really would like to hear ur expert views. I am sure with ur vast knowledge we can come out with most probable outcomes

  21. [quote=’Mr.Kumarbhai’ pid=’44540′ dateline=’1449318672′]
    Now the action may start … i was expecting the change from few days itself… they might face signal issues if not increase the FEC… already they had 3/4 in 2 TPs..

    Kumar sir….something happen very soon???
    Ab channel testing ke chance h

  22. Now the action may start … i was expecting the change from few days itself… they might face signal issues if not increase the FEC… already they had 3/4 in 2 TPs..

  23. Yipee! Now waiting for new chs or shuffling if chs from H to V tp”s. BTW Kumar Sir, do all V tp’s have PID’s now?

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