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Gangaur Television, The first and only TV channel in Rajasthani language

On the remarkable occasion of “Rajasthani Bhasha Diwas” on February 21, 2022, Khamma Ghani Entertainment presents India’s 1st Satellite General Entertainment Channel in Rajasthani — “Gangaur Television”, where each and every program is in Rajasthani language: Music Videos, Movies, Reality shows, Fictions, Mythos, Comedy Gags, and more. Out of 900+ on-air channels, Gangaur Television is the first and only TV channel in Rajasthani language.

Alpesh Tailor, Business Head of Gangaur Television said, “Over the last 5 years, regional television has been a real game-changer. There is untapped potential and opportunity for Khamma Ghani Entertainment to reach out to a set of audiences who are willing to get entertained in their own Rajasthani language of ease & comfort. We are confident Advertisers would latch on for this opportunity, and to ensure this-We have appointed ScreenMax Media as exclusive our Ad-Sales Partner”

Where India is growing digitally at rapid pace, Rajasthani has set a benchmark on YouTube with more than 40+ Music labels & 80+ Singers/Artists contributing to the world of music, releasing more than 500 fresh songs every year.

Even the Film Industry is trying to revive with the support of the State Govt. and annually 20 plus movies are getting produced and released in theatres. Gangaur has a motto of offering the entertainment purely in Rajasthani language where none of the existing channels have Rajasthani as their communication/content language. ”


Gangaur Television is widely distributed across the majority of 40+ MSO and DTH platforms, namely: RM Digital, Hathway Digital, Den Digital, Fastway Radiant

Satellite, GTPL Digital, Home TV, JBC Digital, Next Digital, Rathore Digital,

Shekhawati Cable etc. With Airtel DTH, it has marked its presence nation-wide.

Programs/ Content:-

The channel showcases content ranging from “Subah Ri Ram Ram”, “Santvani”, “Aapna Devta”, etc. to musical shows: “Virasat”, “Youngistaan”, “DJ Janudi”, and “Preet Rang” to comedy gags of Rabiya Ra Plan and Murari Ki Kocktail. World TV Premiers of more than 50 Rajasthani movies is also a highlight offered by the channel.

Upcoming Plans:-

In the coming days, Gangaur is bringing brand integration with new content on festival occasions such as:

• Dance Reality Talent Show –“Gangaur Dance Dhamaal”

• Cookery Show – “Rajsi Jiman”

• Family Comedy Show- “Yashoda Aangan”

• Health Show- “Arogya Bhava”

• Crime Show – “Rajasthan Police Files”

• Mythos – “Mhari Maa Karni”, “Hare ka Sahara Shyam Hamara”

• Special festivity programming includes – Holi, Gangaur, Shivratri, Ram Navmi, Navratri, Janmasthami, Baba Ramdev Peer Fair, Rajasthan Diwas, Maharana Pratap Jayanti, etc.


Khamma Ghani Entertainment is launching a new OTT platform on Website and Mobile App to capture younger audiences and multiply the reach beyond television – “Krazzy4Gangaur”, which will show ‘LIVE’ Gangaur Television. It will allow users to upload videos and songs in Rajasthani language only, giving an opportunity to become a star through integrated show – “Krazzy4Gangaur” on the channel. The channel’s daily/weekly contest and any reality show’s auditions will get entertained through this app too. Apart from this, the Mobile App and Website will showcase Latest & Trending Videos, Movies, and News on its platform. The mobile app is currently available on Google Play store and content is live on the website:

Gangaur Music:-

Khamma Ghani Entertainment is further looking at backward integration with the launch of its own Music Label to produce more than 100+ original music videos.


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  2. DishTV me nahi aa Raha h gangaur chennal

  3. आशोक भाटी

    डिडि फ्री डिश पर गणगौर चेनल नही आरा है मुझे बताईय मेरा गणगौर चैनल फवरट है कुछे भी करके ये चैनल फ्री डिश पर उपलब्ध जल्दी कर

    1. Gtpl pe nhi hai

    2. गणगौर टिवी चैनल डिडि फ्री डिश पर कियु नही आरा है

  4. Please add gangaur TV on DVD free dish (mpeg2)

    1. अकिल कुम्हार

      डिडि फ्री डिश पर गणगौर चेनल नही आरा है आपके हाथे जोङु फ्री डिश पर चेनल लाँच करे

  5. tata play aur hathway mumbai pe kab aayega i hv seen your channel in RAIPUR it is very good for all of us rajasthani people

    1. डिडि फ्री डिश पर गणगौर चैनल कब आयगा बताईया

      1. Tata sky (Play) pr gangour kese add hoga

  6. आपका समय बहुत ही अच्छा लगा सुबह-सुबह आप मारवाड़ी भजन लगाइए लो अरे लोक कलाकार हैं जैसे प्रकाश माली है और भी है कलाकार उनका भजन लगाइए और शाम को 8:00 बजे के बाद जो कॉमेडी आता है वह कॉमेडी पिंटिया जगिया है और भी नए-नए कॉमेडी मोर ले गई बहुत अच्छा लगेगा रखने के लिए धन्यवाद

    1. Tata play par kis number par atat he

      1. tata play par abhi ye channel add nahi hua hai

      2. Bhawani singh mertia

        Dish tv par kab aayega

        1. dishtv pe zyada ummeed mat rakhna, they are the slowest dth to add new channels.

    2. डिडि फ्री डिश पर गणगौर चैनल कब आयगा बताइय

  7. सर आपका चैनल बहुत बढ़िया है और सुबह सुबह जो आप भजन लगाते हैं तो वह मारवाड़ी में लगाइए बल्कि हिंदी में नहीं जो मारवाड़ी में जैसे प्रकाश माली है और भी हमारे गायक कलाकार हैं उनके भजन लगाइए सुबह-सुबह तो बहुत अच्छा लगता है और मैं यहां से नहीं केरला से देखता हूं आपका रोज चैनल और शाम को जो कॉमेडी का सीरियल लगाते हैं तो जैसे पिंटिया हुआ दूसरा एक काकू का हुआ ऐसे ऐसे थोड़ा प्रोग्राम लगाइए तू बहुत अच्छा लगेगा थैंक यू

  8. मनोहर सिंह

    सर आपने गणगौर चेनल रिलीज किया है यह चेनल बहुत ही बढ़िया है मुझे बहुत पसंद आया परन्तु यह चेनल डिस टीवी पर नहीं आता मेंने डिस टीवी वालों को बताया परन्तु वो मानते ही नही वो कहते है कि ऐसा कोई चेनल नहीं है कृपा करके आप उनसे बात करें और चेनल चालू करवाये घन्यवाद

  9. Hello gangaur team
    Thanks to all for kipping my mother language please add sant Shri sukhdev ji maharaj (kuchera nagour) Bhajan that’s my humble request.

  10. मैं जानना चाहता हूँ कि आप गीतकारों के साथ क्या अनुबंध करते हैं ?

  11. Gangore chainal sun tv par kitane number par ata he

    1. abhi ye channel start nahi hua hai kisi bhi dth par

      1. it’s available on airtel dth on 145 LCN

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