“Harvest 24×7 Christian Channel- Free” added today on D2h

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“Harvest 24×7 Christian Channel- Free” added on D2h.

It was added on these parameters on 20-May-2022

Details of Harvest 24×7 Christian Channel- Free channel:

Channel name:Harvest 24×7 Christian Channel- Free
DTH: D2h
Symbol Rate:43978
Video PID:2721
Audio Pids: Default MPEG PID 2722 mal
Service ID: 74


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  1. Dangal 2 Will Be Added On d2h

  2. How they Everyday doing this
    Removing and adding in every twelve hours
    Time sharing such cheap activity also hurting sentiments of regular christian viewers

    1. Those channels may not be willing to pay for 24*7 and instead may be sharing.

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