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HBO Defined added on 199

HBO Defined added on 199


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  1. Now channel not available on any base pack.

  2. so no chance for HD no airtel

  3. they would be having hindi feed in selective movies

  4. what i meant was different to what u understood,
    i was mentioning about the Facebook post in which they said that we can change audio option by click audio button and change our preferred language. But this is not the case . Have u tried to listen english audio when Hindi dubbed movie is telecasted?

    read this


  5. Hindi feed is only available on specific movies.

    There is no issue with the working of Hindi audio feed.

  6. bollywood blockbusters?? havent seen them yet .. have they showed any movie ?

    Also that Eng / Hindi audio feed dont work.. it is only if the movie is telecasted in dubbed hindi it comes in hindi audio, i read somewhere in FB that if we change audio option movie will come in Hindi, but it isnt like that

  7. [img]http://i.imgur.com/rbzhrau.jpg[/img]

  8. now the pq improvised.showing scream 2 on hits.sounds are amazing.i love hbo for horrer movies.so we can enjoy it up to free preview.but screen size widly available.they must currect it like vh1 or trace sports hd.

  9. so as expected only only SD version is added.. still hope remains for HD

  10. Nice Snap @People

    Adtv have done reverse thing what u were expecting.

    As per the info u get, HD feed addition was expected on 25 and they added SD feed.

    So what about HD now?

  11. [img]http://i.imgur.com/OHAwl3C.jpg[/img]

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