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Height of Copying from here by experts in Copy Forum

As usual there have been copy of our breaking news being done here in one copy forum where every new fellow is born to copy. and today one of its old members has been copying all the sun hd updates as if he is finding them himself..

But he forgot that he is making mistakes in copying those as well.. First he said zee cinemalu and zee tamil hd testing , and then says one more hd is added in blank on 10970 V , whereas in real zee cinemalu HD itself is added in this slot

here is his proof of his Goof

Then he copies more saying Colors HD is testing in blank slot, without reading properly my post that they are testing colors bangla HD while Colors HD is already there since many months.

And he is expert becoz he can copy from other blogs and post there without any warnings. This has been happening for years and still they are not grown up. They will never ban such members as they need them to keep their forum active .

and one more new ID is born to copy there. He copied and Admin knows it but he just BAN him but wont delete that thread as he wants loads from some public as he has no expert who can post until night and then he will continue this thread. He wont have guts to delete that thread . This shows its his idea to do these tricks until his expert comes and updates later about these.  In morning one of his other expert was already exposed as he posted many copy updates and that too with mistakes and he even said they are wrong number of HD. he said will post snaps after 4pm but as expected never returned. simply useless forum. Grow Up Mr. you may have members to show but atleast stop these cheap tricks. By doing these cheap tricks you are spoiling other real updaters names as well there.


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  1. Agreed, Dream dth is worlds famous copy cat forum, they always copy updates from here. They always ban their member who telled them truth and say something against their team members….
    Bapun is biggest looser…

  2. I waited for some time to see what those copy cats and fake ids wanted to say. It is clear that they are very arrogant and have no shame in copying from others. I like to reply to that Admin who called me as bot and the other admins as dummies.

    Mr.copycat are you serious in calling others as dummies? Mj or Amatan or Me have our own scanning equipment we know to track even out of foot print satellite. Do you have any? In your forum there are few members having their own scanning hardware and also has some knowledge about setting dishes etc.,. Same with MJ or Amatan etc.,. But what you are upto? You neither have any scanning hardware nor has any knowledge to get even Dish TV signals! Has anyone inside your very own forum seen you posting some real original scan reports? But here in DTHHELP you can find the admins posting from their own hardware and own scans.

    Even recently after seeing me posting many new things one of your member spent some of his money (he may say it is his hobby) and also time to update his hardware and software. Also he gained some knowledge. But you simply shouting all over your forum and jumping like a popcorn. Do you know even 1% of even what your own forum members know? When you are earning money actually you should have bought him/members all this and also given some monthly share of your income. It was their works which earns you.

    Here the admins where distributing their income to needy people. But how much you have given to your own members? Just fooling them with idiotic tags which is worth for nothing outside your forum. You are making more than 80k per month. But not willing to share with anyone. Offcourse when they are so stupid to work for you why to bother. They deserve to be your slave. Enjoy I don’t mind.

    So let people decide who is dummy and who doesn’t have any gratitude.

    1. Yep agreed Mr Leader bro greedy forum members and I know their each mod salary just they all are greedy selfish people who copies news from here and there everyone is having problems with them because reason is simple they don’t have any knowledge just copying from here and there and even their members are not less than slaves admin blackmails via pm to take away tag or etc DDF is not family it’s just slave former everyone being blackmail for tags money etc no knowledge just copy say whatever you want against me I don’t care because I know your truth better old man ??

    2. krishnaprakashatluri

      Leave it and continue you great hard work bro,all forums know how cheap the quality of that forum and its members are.Even the scan expert has copied ID name against your satKing MJ Sir and put MJ in front of his ID.Nowdays he’s scanning & posting dummy slots after copying your posts.
      your posts are benefitting lot of Us so continue it.


  3. As Expected his chumcha gang started talking garbage stuff without knowing in reality what Issue I am raising here. When everything is clearly shown with images of how they have copied and their Scan expert and Admin also have accepted they have copied this but still some idiots are talking rubbish without know the reality of Word “COPY” . I have showed screenshot of how that newbie member has copied my 7 HD details with TPs and pasted there but still that thread is existing showing that they want news simpy at any cost.

    I am not saying that if you post late it is called as copy, but there are some
    people who are blindly copying and they dont have any scan equipments as well. For Instance they have Gssran and Sadiq who can scan and update , and I never tell them they copied if they post after US, becoz they have equipments and they will scan after 1 hour or 1 day for sure and update, but these cheap tricks of making duplicate IDs and posting and then banning that member are only done to keep their members active and then BAN that fake ID but still keep his thread and post for public.

    sometimes they get earlier and sometimes WE, that time we dont have Issues as we know who are real Updaters.

  4. There is a man thief in the society. All society communities are thieves. When Bipun himself copied the news, the rest of the members would also copy the stolen mirrors. Forum promotions will also be theirs, which are posting more by copying. The team leader is the monkey. The rest of the members of the bandarira

    सोसायटी में एक आदमी चोर है । सभी सोसायटी समुदाय वाले चोर ही होते। बिपुन खुद न्यूज़ कॉपी करता तो बाकी मेम्बर भी चोरी मीन्स कॉपी करेंगे। फोरम प्रमोशन भी उनका ही होगा जो ज्यादा कॉपी करके पोस्ट कर रहा। टीम का लीडर बंदर है। तोह बाकी मेंबर बंदरिया।

  5. Even your forum software is copied from dfi now what to say . copy karne ka talent dream DTH me khub he . Aur copy karke bhi accept na karna really awesome talent I appreciate it losers ???

  6. Another biggest fool Bi**nu mostly copying updates from Adithya Bro and telling I’m fool bunch of copy cat fools only in d***m DTH and his admins are biggest Baka (fools) allowing moderator and members to copy. I think admin maybe giving his slaves fools order to copy .

    1. Bhai ismain hamar forum ko math leke aav.If we have any problem Our admins will talk each other.You dont worry.take care.

  7. Oh Grandfather Gobinath Sony to sale TV Spiderman Ghostbusters your moderator only copied from dfi and calling 19 year old adult kid this shows how much ill literate you are nothing less expected from ill literate people like you grandfather

  8. Fools like Dream DTH Forum should shutdown for sake of the world.
    Only thing they are expert in copying from every other www website no creativity just copying . Due to such mentality India isn’t progressing that’s reason shutdown your forum it will be better for sake of world.

  9. Gobi is worst idiot copy cat member dear MJ sir please ignore foolish people like him
    We know those idiots are copy pasted yesterday that idiot moderator proved by copying my post

    1. Yes strange dont know what happend to him, suddenly he got fried up in some PAN and got heated, I was just pointing out reality of that forum and it just burnt him as if someone cooking him.Better he stick to his blabbering postings than coming in between 2 ADMINs who are known since Years.And by the way, i am not mentioning these and expecting anyone to ask me what happend as everyone knows the truth and where these copy happens. And God will see that and beaware of His power.

      BTW, that admin himself confirms now that in morning his expert has copied and now he is advising him not to do like that instead of taking action on him, he is asking us to check log of banned members , dont i know who are banned? its only new duplicate ID just banned but their posts / threads will be there .
      WE dont need your certification, The Admin instead of deleting sourceless thread which is ditto copied from my thread he is trying to divert attention by talking rubbish. He has no Guts to remove that thread from his forum. But want to keep it for getting traffic. ATleat try to get somethign of your Own instead of copying from WWW. If there were any copied posts here then why you were silent? you are saying 100s but there wont Just becoz you are not confident you wont have appealed against it. Dont just make empty drums noises, 90% of your forum data is copied from all WWW. But we have real updates which are copied by your member day and night and thats why you have Jealousy towards us.

      BTW, Good Advice of reporting via contact US ,but It will be better if they first take action and then advice this. We will surely follow that contact us option in future if you are willing to take Real Positive Steps of dealing with such copy posters. But we want Action instead of simply Bhashan.

      1. He is telling we are dummies. After all he and his fake scanners who scam in the name of news. Nearly 100% is copied. Nothing original. For this itself this admin jumps. Thank God he wasn’t gifted with any talents.

        1. He is gifted with making duplicate IDs and copying from WWW .. and one more Mod has come to wag his tail now and saying we have no identity.. But by God’s Grace we have lot lot better identity as a Forum and thats why his members keep roaming here to copy news, while their forum which is always known and copied forum with fake IDs and fake members. They have the most Bad name in Indian Forum’s History as they copy from all other forums.

          1. Yep Sir yesterday when his moderator copied my news I realised admin only encouraging copy pasting anyway sir let’s end this let those fools keep copying with dup ids because they don’t have any talent to give original news atleast I give Animax channel exclusive news but they are zero losers

    2. That idiot was also against me. Without shame he is telling he has right copy. I will insult him in his own forum and prove all how stupid he is. That fellow cannot even find me even after I openly challenge him.

      1. Yep Idiot People just knows to copy and give false stupid comments and his fool dup ids will support him only bunch of fools only in dream DTH because copying is our strength no matter what anyone does we will always copy Dream DTH India’s no.1 Copy cat forum we are in forum world for just copying

  10. they copy from our website too

  11. Copy Cats yesterday moderator also copied my post so they will just copy

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