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help me to configure pci

I am new here. i got a pci card from my friend . i tried to install the card in pc . but facing some thing wrong in scaning .
i have 3 dth connections. truhd+ , tatasky &d2h [deactivated] after reading the forum i want to scan dth to post the news from dth tps.
help me the method to scan . what software i want to scan? MJ786,AMATAN Please guide me.
Yours truely


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  1. I have aligned ST2 Dish to to ses 7. i have to change manually to both satelitte. no space in my roof for another dish .
    I have marked the positions .

  2. Techvision is the brand name of my 4×1 diseqc switch. i paid Rs 80=00 .looks like ordinary china make but works fine.

  3. Still you are updating fast 🙂

  4. Connecting one by one

  5. How are you managing so many scans?

  6. ][quote=’Amatan’ pid=’29827′ dateline=’1417505834′]
    What diseqc you are using now?

    Still didn’t buy.

  7. What diseqc you are using now?

  8. All are same Chinese quality.

  9. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’29776′ dateline=’1417239716′]
    You are updating very fast. Nice work.

    Thank You for the appreciations .
    The difficult part for me was configuring PCI & it’s related scaning software.other aspects are not much hard . i have three dishes as told earlier .now added one more to measat.
    I am connecting one by one now.
    perhaps i need one diseqc switch . i will do it soon .
    any inputs on this about brand ,quality ?

  10. You are updating very fast. Nice work.

  11. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’29773′ dateline=’1417238284′]
    Are you newbie?

    Yes but know a little by reading posts by you.MJ786 and few other forums informations. i am using dth from few years .

  12. Are you newbie?

  13. Thank You brother .

  14. I saw this thread only today. All the best.

  15. So i will try to bring and fix it .

  16. yes if its good enough then get it and fix it

  17. OK Thank you.
    My friend have old Dish .. can i use ? now he is having cable connection . he will give me if i want .

  18. better if you can fix seperate dish if space permits and if you have extra dish.. Side Lnb also can give signals but during rain or winds you might loose signals if not fixed properly.. For me here atleast i have monkey issues as they always used to come to disturb my dishes. Nowadays they are not getting anything to disturb as all my dishes are fixed seperately 😀

  19. After these kind of scans i am now getting more interested in getting other dth scans.
    Please guide me shall i put a extra lnb in d2h dish for 91.5 direction ?
    i have a small space in my roof for another single dish .
    let me know the better choice .
    Kindly provide me the price of new small ku band dish and lnb .

  20. Looks all is right.. go ahead and post your scan list 🙂

  21. Thanks for the method .
    I have just downloaded Dvb Dream . i will post scan results in appropriate sections
    i have already sent pm to you Mr.MJ786 with images. if any thing to correct please reply me.
    Thanks once again.

  22. Good to know you have pci card. Hope is it latest model which supports dvb s2 else you will not be able to scan d2h and dishtruhd, tatasky few tps
    once you install the software drivers which has come with that card, you need dvb softwares like dvb dream, prog dvb or smart dvb which ever you want.
    To start with you go with dvb dream and download latest one from their website.
    I hope if you are using Win 7 then you might not need to install much codecs

    Once you install this , you can open dvd dream and following onscreen setup menus.
    if you want to use all the 3 sats to scan at time u need diseqc 4 port atleast , you can find in local satellite shops

    If any more problem or doubt you can PM me or amatan or send me mail also.

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