is d2h moved to ST2 ????

First On WEB : is d2h moved to ST2 ????
plz tell me MJ786
really d2h moved to ST2 ????
Yesterday Used Friends D2h HD... and That Was Still On ST-1
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i said that think becoz those people who got new software update that box showing ST2
SS of STB showing ST2

[Image: 28uhoz.jpg]
preet,i am not an expert like others but just want to tell that they might simply have updated the stb software in few stb.
Would like to ask you one question,if they do not put it as ST2 wont they move r had moved and transmit channels from it?
come on preet,
d2h has got legs to move to st2,what do you mean by moving to st2.Do not read some rumour threads in that forum and start thinking crap like them.The old Man there who is admin makes his rules himself and breaks himself.Latest is that thread of confirm channel list,where he says confirm and then says not to ask for source for smod or admins as if they are real owners of d2h uplinking / downlinking teams :d daily they tell it might add tonight and stay themselves awake to give the breaking news much curiosity to post breaking news these days for them.Just like mj said in his previous post that they are fed up giving speculations now that they are started to put title as confirm and in note mentioning that sorry for inconvenience.As N v pointed out,if they are so much confirmed about their sources why should they mentioned that note at bottom.That means they dont trust their sources just like their scanning abilities to post proper updates clearly Big Grin
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st1 or st2.. it is just a name changed in few STBs i think.. still sat is on st1 only for sure.. have patience.. they will start someday
(Wednesday 25-April-2012, 08:52)greatsadiq Wrote: Yesterday Used Friends D2h HD... and That Was Still On ST-1

d2h hd was on st1?
They are still on ST1 for sure, because ST2 TP parameters are totally different from ST1.
As far as I know it has moved to ST2 long back itself. What ever is seen now is due to change in the D2H software.
thank you dear lnb15 k plz tell if they had moved long back itself then why are they not adding more channels.they are simply giving advertisments of coming soon channels but not adding anything extra.whatever they added has come after removal of some channel as replacement.

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