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First On WEB : is d2h moved to ST2 ????
st1 or st2.. it is just a name changed in few STBs i think.. still sat is on st1 only for sure.. have patience.. they will start someday
(Wednesday 25-April-2012, 08:52)greatsadiq Wrote: Yesterday Used Friends D2h HD... and That Was Still On ST-1

d2h hd was on st1?
They are still on ST1 for sure, because ST2 TP parameters are totally different from ST1.
As far as I know it has moved to ST2 long back itself. What ever is seen now is due to change in the D2H software.
thank you dear lnb15 k plz tell if they had moved long back itself then why are they not adding more channels.they are simply giving advertisments of coming soon channels but not adding anything extra.whatever they added has come after removal of some channel as replacement.

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