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KC Global Media to launch Animax + GEM, the home of best Japanese content on Amazon Prime Video India

KC Global Media is bringing Animax + GEM, the home of best Japanese Entertainment on Prime Video as part of Prime Video Channels in India.

Fans Can enjoy top notch anime content like:

1) Fruits Basket 2019

2) Haikyuu

3) The Legend of the Galactic Heroes

4) Yasahime Half Demon Princess

5) Police in a Pod

6) The Seven Deadly Sins S1

7) Sabikui Bisco

8) My Next Life as Villainess All Routes leads to Doom.

9) My Senpai is Annoying

10) Police in a Pod

and many more anime content.


Also Fans can enjoy best of Japanese Drama shows:

1) Outside Cops

2) Captured Hospital

3) She was Pretty

4) The Quest

And many more Nippon TV Japanese content.


Currently Prime Video is testing the content, it will be available soon as Channel. Stay Tuned.

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