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Mastiii channel is added in Tatasky Transponder..

Tatasky started Testing Mastiii channel..


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  2. @aumnamonarayana ..
    Have u posted this update in that Dirty forum with credits ? y u posted there ? and u got the reply as he doesnt want even my shadow there .. hahahahaaa …  ridiculous statement by that person who always lives under my shadow… 
    unke khaanevala dane pe mera naam likhaa hai .. mere naam se kamayaa huva paisa hai … i have done that forum with my day and night hard work.. Even now he always post in my created threads daily .. isnt that my shadow .. ? he is earning money from mine created threads every day… thats y i said as there is shadow of mine in his food .. he [Indian Mascot/Shekhar] wants my all threads and posts but few in others name..  he have no shame in changing the thread starters name which is originally mine [Mr.Bhat] .. isnt they r my shadows ? he have no guts to delete all my posts but wants money from those mine hard worked posts /contributions .. without posts of mine his forum is almost nothing … if he really doesnt want to live in my Shadow then delete all my threads and posts from his forum… what ever he earned from my posts let he donate to poor guys or to any ashrams .. Actually i am not aware that he doesnt want my shadow .. so From Now on i am not even browsing his forum .. so then he cant get money from me .. 😛

    So Dino Bro.. please dont post any info given by mine in that forum …untill he delete he is getting few           page views and also getting money that i think he dont want to earn money from my info..

  3. Yes EPG added in the channel…

  4. Whether EPG added? Because one of the members in another forum citing his chat with CC claims that both Mastii and Asianet HD would be added tomorrow 9am.

  5. Hope for the Best ..

  6. I dont think tata sky will remove Msm channels. How can they remove so popular channels as this will dent their customer base.

  7. As usual Tatasky is adding selective channels  ..
    Yes MSM channels removal surely effect tatasky..

  8. Tatasky must think seriously to fill up the ensuing lacunae that might be created due to dropping of MSM chnls.

  9. so India’s no.1 music channels now available on Tatasky

  10. [quote=’Mr.Kumarbhai’ pid=’40184′ dateline=’1440156543′]
    Tatasky started Testing Mastiii channel..

    Good news

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