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Measat-3b satellite ready to launch

MEASAT is expected to launch its sixth satellite, MEASAT-3b, using their Ariane 5 Launcher in the upcoming weeks.

According to its statement today, the launch of the satellite MEASAT-3b would boost the support data and video services across Malaysia, India Indonesia and Australia.

After successfully having completed the final integration and testing of the satellite (MEASAT-3b) from the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Toulouse, France, it was transported by air to Kourou, French Guiana to be launched.

Read more at: http://english.astroawani.com/news/show/measat-3b-expected-to-be-launched-in-upcoming-weeks-33951?cp


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  1. now reschedule to september 2014 http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–Measat-3B-launch-in-September

    Sun MD has not done good to already damaged image of sun direct by claiming that they will add 9 tps in first week of June when satellite was not lauched at first place itself.

  2. So June 1st week is here according to that report of Sun MD they should add 9 tps..

    Rubbish on their part to announce such things when satellite it not launched itself . They should have taken clue from Tatasky , they used to jump for GSAT but in end didnt get it.

  3. http://advanced-television.com/2014/05/29/satellite-launch-headaches-affecting-business/

    This article says Optus 10 has been sent back from French Guiana to its manufacturers in California for examination.

    And , One option quoted is to bring forward the availability of an Argentinean satellite, Arsat-1, because it is a smaller craft and can fit into the lower section of the Ariane’s rocket cargo bay. But industry sources suggest that, at best, this could not be done much before September, and by then Optus-10 could be back in position.

    SO Don’t expect anything in coming months.

    Bad days continues for SUN Direct with satellite , first INSAT 4C failed during launch , Then INSAT 4B now delay in launch of Measat 3B due to Optus 10.

  4. May be few weeks I guess.

  5. Will it be few days or months?

  6. MUMBAI: The much awaited MEASAT-3b launch has been delayed. While the satellite was set for launch on 6 June (7 June Kuala Lumpur time), it has now been postponed after the manufacturer of the MEASAT-3b co-passenger requested time for repairs to their satellite.

    “We are clearly disappointed with the delay and are currently in co-ordination with Arianespace (the launch service provider) on the rescheduling of the launch,” said MEASAT Satellite Systems CEO Paul Brown-Kenyon through a press statement. “We will provide an update when we receive further information on the revised launch date,” he continued.


  7. Launch is further delayed , no DATE mentioned. All these delay is due to OPTUS 10 satellite which will be co-launched with Measat 3B.

  8. Even Tatasky was telling they will add tps soon did they add even after 5 years? Same thing done by Sun MD.

  9. if this satellite will launch on 4 june, then how can sun direct add 9 tp so soon,wrong information given in indiantelevision interview by sun MD

  10. Oh ! Again waiting…

  11. thanks Anil, so the next date is not far

  12. [quote=’Viki’ pid=’24665′ dateline=’1400670260′]
    Measat 3B launch date shifted to June 2014 , no particular date yet.

    Sad news…

  13. delayed 🙁

  14. Measat 3B launch date shifted to June 2014 , no particular date yet.

  15. Measat 3B launch date officially announced – May 28 from French Guiana

  16. Measat 3C (Jabiru-1) which is scheduled to launch on Q3 2015 is to carry 18 Ku-band transponders to support MEASAT’s core DTH markets in Malaysia and India.

  17. maybe 4 or 5 for sd

  18. Out of 48 Ku Band Transporter ,

    Astro has leased 18 Ku Band Transporters.

    NewSat Australia has leased 6 Ku Band Transporters and marketing it with name Jabiru-2.

    So , only another 24 Ku band Transporters are available for lease…How many will SUN Direct and RDTV get?!!

  19. God fixes those even before they are created 😀

  20. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’23717′ dateline=’1397708102′]
    MEASAT-3b on 27 May and MEASAT-3c in H2 2015.

    Date fixed for Measat launch ? I though it will happen in 1st week or second week of May!

  21. MEASAT-3b on 27 May and MEASAT-3c in H2 2015.

  22. This is real good news for Sun Direct customers…

    Any idea about launch date?

  23. Media Release from Arianespace



    In the photo 1 , the shipping container with MEASAT-3b emerges from the An-124 cargo aircraft after delivery at Félix Eboué International Airport yesterday. Photo 2, Ariane 5 is transfered from the Spaceport’s Launcher Integration Building to the Final Assembly Building today.

    April 15, 2014 – Ariane Flight VA218

    Payload preparations for Arianespace’s next Ariane 5 mission are gearing up following this week’s delivery of MEASAT-3b – one of two satellite passengers for launch on the heavy-lift flight – to French Guiana.

    This spacecraft was transported by a chartered An-124 cargo jetliner that landed at Félix Eboué International Airport near the capital city of Cayenne, and was unloaded for its transfer by road to the Spaceport.

    In parallel activity, this mission’s Ariane 5 was moved today from the Launcher Integration Building to the Final Assembly Building – marking its delivery to Arianespace by vehicle prime contractor Airbus Defense and Space. With this step completed, the workhorse launcher is ready for integration of its dual-satellite payload.

    MEASAT-3b – which was produced by Airbus Defence and Space based on the Eurostar E3000 platform – will be operated by MEASAT to support direct-to-home broadcast services for Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia. Positioned at 91.5 degrees East, MEASAT-3b will be co-located with the MEASAT-3 and MEASAT-3a satellites to form a robust Asian direct-to-home neighborhood.

    Joining MEASAT-3b as its Ariane 5 flight co-passenger is Optus 10, which was produced by SSL (Space Systems/Loral) for Australian telecommunications service provider Optus. It is outfitted with 24 Ku-band transponders to provide direct TV broadcast, internet connectivity, telephone and data transmission services for Australia and New Zealand.

    Designated Flight VA218 in Arianespace’s numbering system, this upcoming mission represents the 218th launch of an Ariane family vehicle.

  24. Media Release from Measat

    Kuala Lumpur, 14 April 2014 – MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. (“MEASAT”) announced today that Airbus Defence and Space (“Airbus”) has successfully completed the final integration and testing of MEASAT- 3b. The satellite left the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Toulouse, France, and has been transported by air to Kourou, French Guiana. The satellite is due to be launched in the upcoming weeks by an Ariane 5 launcher. Launch and Early Orbit Phase operations will be conducted from the Airbus Defence and Space’s spacecraft control centre in Toulouse.


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