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  1. If any new channel addition to Measat 3B they are want to get Uplink right from Measat 3B operator?

  2. Presently nothing new for our region .

  3. Measat 3B is ready for channel addition ?

  4. Any update on Measat 3B?

  5. According to NewSat , Measat 3B is now operational and first TP is activated for Aus for their commercial use under Jabiru-2 payload.


  6. reports from sun direct fellows says channels will be added from December.. but these are just assumptions they make to dealers/distributors and customers.. it might happen earlier or later also

  7. Lets hope for the best.

  8. no update dear …may be after diwali

  9. @ anilsk01 bro Good News…

  10. its possible ……………we can expect Sundirect diwali dhamaka soon

  11. Is it possible for Sun Direct to start tps before Dewali?

  12. in the coming days new tps will be added from this sat so be ready to scan

  13. Most powerful :), hope it will be Most effective too for DTH

  14. Most powerful telecommunications satellite ever ordered by MEASAT handed over

    MEASAT-3b is 34th Eurostar E3000 satellite of Airbus Defence and Space to go into operation
    Airbus Defence and Space, the worldโ€™s second largest space company, has successfully concluded in-orbit trials with MEASAT-3b. One month after launch, the satellite is now ready to enter commercial service and has been officially handed over to its operator, MEASAT.

    Since MEASAT-3b was launched by Ariane 5 on 11 September, Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse has been leading the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) operations and carrying out in-orbit trials. Tests on the telecommunications payload were carried out at the MEASAT facilities in Cyberjaya, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from where the satellite will be controlled during its operational life, expected to be more than 15 years.

    MEASAT-3b is the largest satellite ever to have been ordered by the Asian operator MEASAT. It has been placed in geostationary orbit at 91.5ยฐ East, and is co-located with MEASAT-3 and MEASAT-3a satellites. Together, they will make up Asiaโ€™s most robust Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite television neighbourhood. With 48 transponders in Ku band, MEASAT-3b will support demand for video and data services across Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia.


  15. When this Sattelite allow tps for Sun Direct ?

  16. transmissions started?

  17. Final Measat 3B at its final position with measat 3 and 3a


  18. now it will take 1 -2 day to correct it’s location which will not be visible n2yo site it will show as sat is moving

  19. Now it is at 91.6!

  20. so, it reached the position now..

    when they will start the TP testing?

  21. Currently in 91.5

  22. very nice updates

  23. current location is 91.33

  24. going by current movement speed it might reach by early morning tomorrow

  25. tonight measat 3b will reach their destination 91.5. currently its on 90.64

  26. So, after one month from the date of launch, it will reach the position.

  27. yes. i think yesterday or day before when i checked it was still at 84.5 only, so now finally moving ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. in two days it will reach it’s 91.5 deg

  29. Good news friends Measat 3b start moving towards 91.5 deg current position 89.29 deg


  30. anxious time for sun direct lovers

  31. 85E is Horizons satellite which is received in some places

  32. as u know their is no sat in that position so tracking that sat will be very difficult

    as the test frequency details will random as per the need and also the test time will be also for some time only

  33. they will check each system on board is it function properly or not and also check it is tp and the
    coverage details by adjusting the antenna as per their clients requirement

  34. could be , but what they might be testing? Need to find if we can get anything

  35. may be because as 91.5 deg has 2 sat in that position so to test tp may be some duplication in frequency may arise due to
    2 existing sat

    so they chose a location close to parking place where that deg is free from any sat

  36. Why they are testing at the position of 84.5 instead of 91.5?

  37. as u can see above picture the sat is circling a path so their is small difference in LATITUDE & ALTITUDE but its longitude is stable as it may be placed at this deg for testing purpose so that after testing the sat will be moved to its final resting position and it can be operational from that point of time

    let’s hope for the best

  38. But Change in LATITUDE & ALTITUDE

    ALTITUDE [km]:
    ALTITUDE [mi]:

  39. still same since afternoon

  40. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’28586′ dateline=’1412147611′]

    ALTITUDE [km]:
    ALTITUDE [mi]:
    SPEED [km/s]:

    ALTITUDE [km]:
    ALTITUDE [mi]:

    Slowly Moving?


    ALTITUDE [km]:
    ALTITUDE [mi]:
    SPEED [km/s]:

  42. Must be for testing , It was keep moving till yesturday. Now it is stopped and positioned in 84.48.

  43. Lets hope and request anil to keep tracking it as usual and update us

  44. I also think it will be ready by Diwali

  45. surely sun direct will try if they get tp by diwali

    but i think they will add channel by oct end(after diwali) or nov starting

    let’s wait and watch and hope 2014 end will be good time for sundirect customers after a long wait

  46. ๐Ÿ™‚ hope it gets ready by Diwali atleast

  47. current position 84.48 deg may be testing purpose


  48. Also the tag free settop box for 1k rupees.

  49. and since their arrival the price of new connection dropped to nearly 50% and packages became better

  50. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’28392′ dateline=’1411615493′]
    Marans and Viki from day one are Sun Direct fans ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ya , I like them as they introduced new business model – Separate Package to South and Language , CPE concept. Before their entry we were forced to take universal package and south addon and forced to pay for equipment (nearly Rs 5000 that time).

  51. Marans and Viki from day one are Sun Direct fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. This site started posting track details 2 days back. Still Measat 3B has not reached its position.

  53. current positon Measat 3b still not reach its resting position of 91.5 deg it will take about 6 to 10 days more

    on the other hand its co passenger optus 10 reach is testing orbit 176 deg and after testing complete’s it will be moved to its final postition on 164 deg

  54. Good share friends…

  55. [img]http://i1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb396/anilsk01/SK-PC/914/m1.jpg[/img]

  56. good update about current location of Measat 3B ๐Ÿ™‚ ,

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