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Mtunes+ news copied by Deep S

Once again a shameless fellow called Deep.s copied news from here. He is doing like this only for years now and the admin who himself a copycat never takes action against these low class creatures. This time this Deep.s*** copied a news where it was

This news was posted at 7.59am. The change happened earlier itself but due to time constraints I was not able to post. Later on Shankar found this change and posted it. Till that time this so called Deep S*** didn’t find any changes in his so called scans. But as soon as he saw the post he also managed to get it. Everyone knows it is not easy to find new channels on satellite which is having lots of channels and how come he all the time find new channels only after some one posts it in other websites?

He copied after an hour and without any shame he is giving title as Breaking news! And he is also a legend there!

Dreamers, admin & mods if you have any credibility then take action again these kinds of 3rd rated copycats. Instead of having members who really can find and post breaking news you got only DeepS*** kind of craps who without shame copy here and also copy even our youtube videos and blabber there.

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