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My new Revelation RV-001 FTA HD PVR

Revelation RV-001 FTA HD PVR
Reviewed by LNB15K on
Worth for its price
Yet another Chinese Satellite receiver which is better than others in its category
Rating: 4

I bought a new HD satellite receiver. This satellite receiver is Free to Airl model having no CAM slots. It doesn’t support Card sharing or Code menus. Just small FTA receiver for day to day use. Having ability to record and play is sure plus option. Here some snaps of it. I will try to post each and every menu when time permits.

Carton front

Receiver front side

The Remote



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  1. lnb15k post more pictures and menus

  2. great sadiq I also want to know more about yours

  3. [quote=’greatsadiq’ pid=’3387′ dateline=’1324140920′]
    Same Software On My SOLID STB 2100 HD FTA PVR… But HD S2 Are Not Saving Up… Getting Tuned But…

    what was cost of solid stb 2011 hd stb which you took,how is the performace of that

  4. cools pics lnb15k please post more

  5. which channel for u not saving why?

  6. Same Software On My SOLID STB 2100 HD FTA PVR… But HD S2 Are Not Saving Up… Getting Tuned But…

  7. I didnt check 3D channel but I guess it will show. Costed Rs.3000 🙁 it was only Rs.2400 but Jenifas & Jenifas the shop where I bought cheated.

  8. dear lnb15k,how much was the cost for this stb.is it showing 3d channel from st1 satellit

  9. [align=center]
    [size=medium]Antenna Setup[/size]

    Selection for Diseqc port

    LNB LO

    Motor Controls

    Limit Setup


    Dish is now moving


  10. [size=medium]Satellite List[/size]

    Satellite List

    Add Satellite

    Edit Satellite

  11. [align=center][size=medium]Installation Menu[/size]

    Antenna Connection



  12. Performance is normal till now. Only if I use it for few weeks we will know its true worth.

  13. Nice pictures. Thanks lnb15k.

    Can I know the price of it and how is its performance.

  14. I will try my best to post more images if time allows.

  15. I have heard this receiver but first time seeing it on photo 🙂 How is the performance and any chance of posting menus etc.,.?

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