Nameless 11050_65534 (Data) added on Tata Sky today 22-Jan-2018

Nameless 11050_65534 (Data) now added on Tata Sky. Nameless 11050_65534 (Data) added on the frequency 11050 H 32720. Nameless 11050_65534 (Data) is available on Insat 4A/Gsat 10 at 83 degrees East.

Nameless 11050_65534 (Data) channel details on Tata Sky as on 22-Jan-2018:

Channel name:Nameless 11050_65534 (Data)
DTH: Tata Sky
Satellite: Insat 4A/Gsat 10
Orbital slot: 83 degrees East
Symbol Rate:32720

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  1. Still waiting for answer to my questions

    – Why didn’t they convert 11010 H to DVB S2 till now?

    – Why has the Home TP been changed?

    1. No idea. May be still some DVB S stbs around?

      1. Nahi bro, then how will those subscribers be able to receive all the channels from other transponders? I think 11010 H TP has some constraint, may be its fragile to handle advanced formats

        1. There is nothing like advanced parameters for transmitter. It simply will send in the modulation it gets. It may be some other reason. I cband tps change from dvb s to dvb s2 now and then and most of them aren’t even full transponder.

  2. Any reason why 11010 H transponder has not been coverted to DVB S2 till now?

    1. It may change soon once new Home tp is set.

      1. But what is the co-relation between the two things? I read few articles regarding DVB S/S2 on internet & it is mentioned that if an operator uses DVB S then they can only use MPEG 2 as data stream but strangely Tata Sky was carrying channels in MPEG 4 using the same. I brainstormed quite a bit but couldn’t understand the reason, since all of their current STB’s support DVB S2 so what was stopping them? May be this transponder does not support this broadcast standard. Also what was the need to make 11050 H as new home tp? Hope to get answers from esteemed experts.

        P.S. – I am Dino

        1. Transponder will support DVBS or DVBS2. I don’t understand what is relation between data and MPEG 2 stb. Mostly it would have been assumed as most of the DVBS stbs receive only MPEG 2. Even then these MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 are for video/audio and not for data. If possible give me a link I will also try to learn more on this.

          With data we can send even 3gp videos. But our stbs wont understand and they will discard them.

          One more thing we should see is whether Insat 4A totally goes out or service or slowly they reduce tps one by one. Mostly TPs will go one by one.

          1. Oops! Sorry i got confused between data and transport stream. Anyways here is the article which says that it is mandatory to have MPEG 2 Transport Stream if DVD S standard is being used.

            Also Amantan bro please answer the other questions too which i have asked earlier. Jusforfun and Boldy bros, you can also share your inputs as Tata Sky must have disclosed the details to distributors or dealers regarding this transition


          2. I think they told about the home transponder change. You can see this here in this link


  3. This must be for new software update which is rolled out tonight for Nova HD boxes.

    Justforfun, Boldy please share more information about satellite migration & new channel addition. I am quite sure that this change is being made in connection with new satellite where 11050 will be most powerful transponder, already on GSat 10 same is the case

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