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Need help regarding Some issues

Hi, I am an user of Ts+hd…. firstly I have to tell you that I have no knowledge about dishtru+hd…
So I have some query

1.If I keep deactive(Not recharged) my dishtru box for 2/3 months,will it be banned or blocked by operator?

2.Need to know about recording…. it it possible here to push+rewind live tv like tatasky? there any hard disk in it? & also what about pendrive recording?

4.Can copy pendrive record to PC?

Thanks in advence to all

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  1. Answers:
    1. No it wont be banned or blocked, instead you will get some Good offers like recharge for 7months and get 5 months additional (means recharge 7months and you will get 1year)

    2. push+rewind i am not sure its possible in Dish tv as its not a Hardisk and i have not checked it too.
    3. No harddisk, only Pendrive
    4. and you can only watch those recorded videos only in Dish tv box.

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