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New TP 11760 V 32720 added on Tata play

New TP 11760 V 32720 added on Tata play and is in testing mode, as we have already mentioned about them testing 2 new on 13 March 2023,  the signals are now added to this frequency and now we can scan with any fta stb. As of now there are no channels on this and it is yet to be added on tata play NIT. There are some fluctuations of signal levels as well.

The details are

Frequency: 11760

Polarity: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 32720

Mode: DVB S2/8Psk


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  1. This TP is off now again

  2. Signal is back now on this tp 11760 V 32720 but no channels and also not yet added in NIT

  3. Now this TP signals are off, but i can see few more TPs coming up like 11720, 11800, 11840, 11880

    1. So
      More tp’s getting activated in new satellite?

    2. These tps r belongs to gsat 24 satillite bro ?

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