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New TP started on Eutelsat 70B (KU Band) at 70.5 East

One New Frequency started on Eutelsat 70B (KU Band) at 70.5 East. Presently one Eutelsat promo channel is running and it is showing the promo of Eutelsat.

Frequency (Mhz) : [color=#FF0000]11357[/color]
Polarization : [color=#FF0000]Horizontal[/color]
Symbol Rate (KS) : [color=#FF0000]45000[/color]
FEC : [color=#FF0000]3/4[/color]
Standard : [color=#FF0000]DVB-S2[/color]
Modulation : [color=#FF0000]QPSK2[/color]

Scanning 11357 H 45000 8PSK 3/4 … 80%
– Nameless 11357_1 (TV)
[Scanned in 00:06]

TPs with no signal: 0
Empty: 0
Nameless: 1

Elapsed: 00:08

Video Channels: 1
Radio Channels: 0
Data Channels: 0
Total: 1
Scan completed.

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  1. A good signal ku band satellite for us but no useful channels still on it

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