New TRAI amendment reduces the price of Ala carte channels and bouquets

TRAI has come up with amendments to its last year Tariff order relating to DTH and CABLE TV channels. The maximum price of a channel to be available in bouquet was earlier Rs.19. This has been reduced to Rs.12. Also maximum price of a la carte channel cannot exceed 3 times the average price of the channel available under bouquet.


1. long term subscription- means a subscription for a duration of six months or more, for which an advance payment has been made by the subscriber
2. multi TV home- means a household having more than one TV connection or set top box in the name of one person
3. Rs. 12 cap for channels forming part of Bouquet
4. twin conditions to be applied for forming bouquet
(a)the sum of maximum retail prices per month of the a-la-carte pay channels forming part of a bouquet shall in no case exceed one and half times of the maximum retail price per month of such bouquet; and
(b) the maximum retail price per month of any a-la-carte pay channel, forming part of such a bouquet, shall in no case exceed three times the average maximum retail price per month of a pay channel of that bouquet:
5. Cap on number of Bouquet – number of bouquets of pay channels offered by a broadcaster shall not be more than the number of a-la-carte pay channels being offered by such broadcaster
6. Authority on request from Broadcaster may allow more bouquet
7. NCF for first 200 SD channels should be max. of Rs.130 and beyond 200 SD channels max, of Rs.160.
8. Slab system of 20 channels removed
9. Mandatorily carrying channels to be offered without any NCF
10. Distinct choice for each STB in multi TV home
11. DPOs to offer promotional scheme twice in a year not exceeding one scheme longer than 90 days

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