“News 24” Hindi News channel removed from DD Free Dish

DD Free Dish removes Hindi News channel “News 24” from its dth service. This was a free channel.

Old technical Parameters of News 24 channel on DD Free Dish:

Channel name:News 24
DTH: DD Free Dish
Symbol Rate:29500
Video PID:5162
Audio PID:Default MPEG PID 6162
Service ID: 2162

As per scan on 01-Apr-2021


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  1. Why is thia channel removed as because sandeep chaudhary ask question from BJP..please restore it…

    1. This channel is still available in MPEG 4 on DD Free Dish. We need MPEG 4 stb to receive this channel. They won the auction for MPEG 4 slot that is why they moved from MPEG 2 to MPEG 4.

  2. Pl add News 24

  3. Please add news 24

  4. Plz add new24 & mh1

  5. Add news24 for free dish

  6. Please add news24

  7. इतने तानाशाह भी मत बनो कि दूसरे को बोलने भी ना दिया जाए

  8. Itna Kya darna “sandip Chaudhary” se…??

  9. News 24 channel ko joda jaaye

    1. It’s still availabel on DDFREEDISH MPEG4 11620v30000 with logo think first.

  10. Free dish too is a puppet of govt..those who talk rather logical are set aside & their voice is supressed…..do add News 24

  11. Please add news 24

  12. Why news24 was removed.. plz add it on dd freedish..for poor people..kisan…Indians wanna watch it..

  13. Why removed news 24 from dd freedish. Plz add news 24.

  14. Yeah! I am sagar singhal, here I am. Comment on be half my father because we miss news 24 news channel so much. .. Kindly tune this channel on dd free dish 🙏

  15. Kisano ki bat Karne ki saja Di hai gundai Sarkar ne

  16. Please add News24 chanal free dish

  17. सही तो बकवास करता था वो संदीप वा

  18. कृपया News24 चैनल फ्री डिश पर दोबारा चालू करें, अगर मेरा सोचना ठीक है तो शायद ndtv को भी….क्योंकि सच बोलने ओर दिखाने वालो को……

  19. Please add news 24 in free dish

  20. Why news 24 removed?showing mirror to public!

  21. Please add again News 24 Hindi chainal I seriously miss it .

  22. Ramdhan. Palese add news 24

  23. sarkar ke kami batana dikhana sab ke bass ka nhi jo dikahaya wo aaj free dish se hata diya janta ki pasand NDTV aur news24 thi congress ke time itni ajadi thi ki sab congress ke piche rahte the lekin band nhi karti thi aur aaj ki sarkar dekho itni darpok hai ki janta ka koi jawab nhi

  24. Plz add news24

  25. Add News 24 in free dish .

    Mantu Baba

  26. News 24 available on DD free mpeg-4

  27. Miss pandit suresh jii please😫🙏🙏💓 aad

  28. कृपया News24 चैनल फ्री डिश पर दोबारा चालू करें, इतने तानाशाह भी मत बनो कि दूसरे को बोलने भी ना दिया जाए अगर आपको अपने काम को जांचना है तो आलोचक भी रखो ताकि सच्चाई भी दिखाई पड़े

  29. Please add this channel

  30. Please add news 24 channel.garibo ka ka hoga.

  31. Add news 24 on free dish

  32. News 24 ko DD free dish se q remove kiya gya..plz phir se add kiya jaye…sandeep chaudhry ka show papa roz zarur dekhte the

    1. Same bro

  33. Sandip chadhury is supporting farmers sarkar is afraid of this

  34. Please add again news 24 channel shri sandeep sir this channel use very poor person look in India please again add new 24 channel

  35. Salo dallo zee ke sb channels hta dete pr news 24 rehne dete

  36. NDTV may be the next channel to be removed from dd free

  37. जगद्गुरु कृपालु जी महाराज को miss कर रहे हैं

  38. why remove pleas add

  39. I miss you miss News24 free dish

  40. Why news 24 removed ? It’s Crazy step.

  41. Please add the News 24 channle on DD free dish

  42. BJP removed the channel . only channel c jo kissan andolan d reporting sahi kr reha c..so sad

  43. What is reason behind this for removing NEWS24 free channelm

    1. Kyo ki vo farmers ka support kar rha tha,or sarkaar ko ye baat hajam ni ho rhi.

  44. Please add news 24 channel with dd free dish.

  45. Please add news 24 channel with dd free dish.

  46. Please add news 24 on DD free dish

  47. Please add news 24 on dd free dish.

  48. Please add news 24 channel in dd free.

  49. Kindly add news24 on dd free dish

  50. Please add news 24 on DD free dish

  51. please don’t remove news24 channel,because it is only
    news channel that i was watching with my family.

  52. Please add News24 on DD free Dish

  53. I think sandeep chaudhary ki nishpaksh reporting ko dekh k sarkar darr gyi…. Gaon dehat k logo tak sach na paunch paaye isliye ye kadam uthaya…

  54. Please add news 24 on DD free dish

  55. Please add news 24

  56. What is news 24 channel no. Now bflix is showing in place of news 24

  57. Please add news 24 on dd free.
    Tilak salon Islamabad Amritsar Punjab

  58. Chaal chakra dekhti thi meri mummy.. Huge Upset for her.

    1. We miss kal chakra and news 24


  60. Please add news 24 channel on free dish

  61. Please add again news 24 channel

  62. Wow, good news.

  63. Please add news 24 on DD free dish

    1. News 24 channel ab Kon sa namber par ata hai

      1. Please add news 24 in free dish

    2. Please add news 24

      1. News24 is not removed but shifted to MPEG4/ DVB S2 . Just use HD STB and tune 11630 v 30000

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