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News, picture of Tata sky adding 3 new channels from 18th Oct post copied

It has been a while since we posted about people who copy from here. Normally these shameless brain dead used to copy text but now they even copy picture. We posted a news regarding Tata Sky which is going to add 3 channels from tomorrow. 18th Oct 2019. As always it was copied but even the image wasn’t spared! In few days that school failed admin will proudly tell that whole world copies from them and even TV channels depend on them for news! We made real picture and posted unlike these creatures who lives on other’s blood.

This is copied

So sad that there are fools who likes that copied post without knowing it was copied.


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  1. They should rename there forum as copycat forum.moderator and administrator also copying from this forum and pasting there

  2. thanks for adding 4tv news urdu.

  3. they are not son of single father and that’s why they copy, if they are not like that then they should have removed the post by now. Whoever copies is that type son only.

  4. That member is senior member and was ex moderator lol. Copy cats puppies and double standard admin who speaks lot and can’t apply in reality.

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