NGC Channel Now available in 4 feeds on Airtel

National Geographic Channel is now available in 4 language feeds on Airtel digital tv

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Updated: December 29, 2017 — 11:57 pm


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  1. [quote=’Xzonen’ pid=’7288′ dateline=’1332258925′]
    I think it ngc is available on 5 languages on adtv not 4.

    r u checking STB and mentioning or some other forums? check STB and take snap if u can find telugu feed option on NGC channel.

  2. well in my scan the Pids are mentioned as

    Hindi 6302
    Bengali 6303
    Tamil 6304
    Eng 6305

  3. I think it ngc is available on 5 languages on adtv not 4.

  4. Instead of Bengali feed, i can see Telugu feed is available but you have not mention it.

  5. maybe.. but i am sure it might have been removed few months ago.. as since then i have been regularly scanning and never found any feed lost..
    also previously bengali feed was for just few hours right? d2h also recently added it.

  6. All 4 feeds were available from long time back. Yes, it is possible that they might have removed few days back and added today again.

  7. then which feed added today? r u sure it was there or maybe removed and added back?

  8. Bengali feed was added long time ago in NGC.

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