No signal on Reliance Digital TV DTH

No signal from Reliance Digital TV. Their transponders all seems to be turned off. Signal is coming normally for Sun Direct transponders from the same Measat.

Update: Found Aditya bro telling about loss of signal. So it is now confirmed.

It is told that Antrix a division of ISRO has stopped it due to non payment of dues.

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  2. i got the Reliance digital tv’s good signals on 19th april 2018 but it shows Error Type (2).
    and customer care number shows me bussy
    if anyone have solution plz comment on this post

  3. any one have Reliance digital tv nodal officer’s number ??

  4. can we get new set top box or not.we all go for consumer court .big cheat ..Rbig tv.

    1. No signal on Reliance Digital TV yet. Unless they start their transmission there is no chance of a set top box and even if given it is of no use.

  5. So this the end of BIG TV???

  6. Looks Reliance DTH is a Big Cheat , Inspite of customers like us do pay advance and no service

    1. Neeladhara Shettigar

      Hi, how to tackle this issue. For me also, no signal since last Sunday morning. How do we get back our money paid in advance. How many days we have to wait. This is cheating by Reliance.

      1. We cannot do anything.. it is cut off by antrix as bigtv didn’t pay them.. they took customers money but ran away from their duties.. they offered cash backs last month’s and even started booking for new rdtv hevc box. But all that gone now at the moment. Very bad luck for those who are using rdtv

  7. I had warned everyone in the beginning itself that don’t fall into this trap. I feel even more sad for the poor and illiterate people who fall prey to such things easily and lose their precious hard earned money. Unfortunately in our country there is no proper checks and balances to punish fraudsters. Earlier i saw many people complain on various consumer forums about malicious ads that promised to give big prizes by giving correct answer through missed call and inturn ask people to submit some amount as taxes after which they disappear. Surely this is going on brazenly with help from some powerful people. Feel really sad, helpless & patheric seeing this state of situation

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