Now Choose SD pack or SD with HD on Dish tv HD

Dish tv HD now gives option to choose SD package or SD with HD package

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Updated: December 7, 2018 — 1:48 pm


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  1. Can we choose HD packs alone ,without any SD packs ??

  2. [quote=’mazi’ pid=’26680′ dateline=’1407831079′]
    Thats what i was looking for

    Thanks IM broo for full detail

    Its MJ mazi bro 😀

  3. So Much Information… HuH.. Will Take Some Time To Digest That MAX HD Channels On Dish TV

  4. HD users can simply stay with SD pack if they do not want HD

  5. Thats what i was looking for

    Thanks IM broo for full detail

  6. here is full details of this


  7. Thats really wonderfull

  8. yes why not.. it will cost 185 + 200rs

  9. you can ask 🙂 we will answer as much as possible

  10. i am asking all info because i am interested to join Dishtv family on for HD channels

  11. MJ bro can we active FULL ON HD pack with JUMBO FAMILY PACK?

  12. Is any other lower base pack is available or not?

  13. here is one more example if customer wants to choose All Sports pack of 240rs and then want Hd pack..this is how it will cost him


  14. yes now you can choose any base pack starting from 185rs and choose any HD add on of the 3 HD addons


  15. I was waiting for this time to come

    I will consider to join Dishtv if they allow all HD channels topup with any base pack

  16. updates will be coming out throughout the day 🙂 stay tuned

  17. Please share more details about it

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