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Power Issues on Tata Sky’s Insat 4A Satellite

Surely Life of Insat 4A which is being used by Tata Sky is coming to an end, already as seen by previous articles published in newspapers, it has been clearly mentioned that Insat 4A Satellite life has been shortened by Power Glitches and now since last year or so, picture goes away in Tata Sky for Few seconds and then comes back plus if you notice home transponder signals which stayed at approx 110 in HD stb, now it has come down to 87 and it fluctuates from higher to lower level

I have noticed this pattern and surely there seems that Insat 4A is having power issues and won’t last for long. Even signals for most other transponders is down and increases sometimes frequently


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  1. dishtv using nss6 for more years properly than tatasky airtel sun direct

  2. wish they had taken your words wisely

  3. Yes i already forwarded a detailed mail to their CEO and Business Head. Infact i had told them long back in 2010 to start to make a trasnition to MPEG4 and lease a foreign satellite but they kept waiting for GSAT10 fo 6 years

  4. I Doubt that gsat 10 failed , tatasky should choose some foreign satellite for its better

  5. No, Tata Sky still has not got Transponders from GSAT 10 by ISRO

  6. is gsat testing for tatasky?

  7. No, that would not do anything. I believe that some backend work must on to increase channel count that might happen after 7th July

  8. you should blast them and their service departments if they dont respond , keep sending them mail and warn them

  9. They will never accept as they hardly kniow tech things, they don’t even know why epg is not available on many chs

  10. have you called cc and checked with them if its problem at their end ?

  11. I have 3 dth connections tata sky, videocon d2h and airtel and i take utmost care about dish allignment and lnb skew. I am quite particular about these technical things, this is not an issue from my end, this is an issue from tata sky satelite

  12. check if your dish or lnb misalingned

  13. Is any tata sky user active here right now, tata sky signals are again dropping. Can anyone share the signal levels hat u r getting on history tv 18?

  14. Just remember what was the Fec couple of years ago and see what it is now. and that could also be main cause of signal losses too
    To survive in market they have to sacrifise few things and they did this.

  15. This is the reason why Tata Sky signals are extremely weak and get lost easily during slightest rain

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