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Prabhatam News blank on Insat 4A

Prabhatam News blank on Insat 4A. Prabhatam News for now showing blank screen on the frequency 3921 H 13000.

Updated: December 30, 2017 — 7:12 pm


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  1. So in Two months we can see a 3D channel 🙂 If it was General entertainment channel with Shake… movies it would have been great and will rock in trp but it is just a news channel 🙁 Still it might rock if all the contents are in 3D.

  2. Prabatham News is a Malayalam first 3D Entertainment channel.Prabatham News regular 3D programmes starting September month.Because that month is malayalees favourite festival ” Onam “.

  3. Yes and now looks better 🙂

  4. Your wish came true it seems.Avatar size is now increased 😛

  5. Yes one of my friend is a die hard fan of that woman. So put her for some time in the hope he checks my threads :lol:. Atleast eyes wont spoil looking at her like earlier picture of ‘noise sekar’. I also take this opportunity to request the Admins to increase the Avatar size to atleast Passport size photo. Now is stamp size photo.

  6. Off topic : You changed your avatar again amatan ,even gender changed this time it seems 😀

  7. Yea ,no 3D content was broadcasted I guess.Now a days lots of news channels launching in malayalam Still many more to come including Janam TV which is backed by BJP

  8. Nothing 3D came on it. Some time back I heard something like this 3D but didn’t remember this was that channel.

  9. I don’t know whether anyone watches that channel.It was launched claiming first 3D Malayalam News channel or something 😀

  10. Now that also went.

  11. Its showing colour bars since last couple of days I think.Not a great channel.

  12. Yes it is a Malayalam channel.

  13. Is it malayalam channel ?

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