PTC Simran,4TV News and Divya channels will be added on Tatasky with effect 18 October 2019

PTC Simran, 4TV News and Divya channels will be added on Tatasky with effect 18 October 2019.

PTC Simran a Punjabi devotional channel will be added on Tata Sky on LCN 1921 and to avail this channel SMS PTSI.

Divya a spiritual channel will be added on LCN 1083 and to avail Divya sms DIVY.

4TV News an Urdu news channel covering news around Andhra Pradesh will be added on LCN 1479 and to avail this channel SMS 4TCH.

All the three channels PTC Simran, Divya & 4TV News are free channels.


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