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Real VU DTH has shut down temporarily till April 2019

Sad New for Bangladeshi viewers,
Real VU DTH has ceased its operations from 1st October 2018, They are planning to launch new dth from new satellite in april 2019

As per the statement issued, they are going to launch on their 1st Bangladeshi satellite “Bangabandhu (BS1)” , to prepare for launch they have temporarily shut down their services and are also going to refund the amount to subscribers.



Refund for Set Top Box (STB):

The Subscriber has the option to return the STB to RealVU in full working condition. Refund will be calculated at the depreciation rate of 2.5% per month in accordance with the following table and terms & conditions:

Conditions Deductible Amount Total Deductible Amount
Return within 1st Year 1020 1020
Return after 13th Month 85 1105
Return after 14th Month 85 1190
Return after 15th Month 85 1275
Return after 16th Month 85 1360
Return after 17th Month 85 1445
Return after 18th Month 85 1530
Return after 19th Month 85 1615
Return after 20th Month 85 1700
Return after 21st Month 85 1784
Return after 22th Month 85 1869
Return after 23th Month 85 1954
Return after 24th Month 85 2039
Return after 25th Month 85 2124
Return after 26th Month 85 2209
Return after 27th Month 85 2294
Return after 28th Month 85 2379
Return after 29th Month 85 2464
Return after 30th Month 85 2549
Return after 31st Month 85 2634
Return after 32th Month 85 2719
Return after 33th Month 85 2804
Return after 34th Month 85 2889
Return after 35th Month 85 2974
Return after 36th Month 85 3059

Terms & Conditions:
1. The Subscriber is required to bring the STB to the designated ‘Collection Point’. In this regard, please call at 16442 or visit RealVU Website from 15th October 2018 onwards to locate the nearest “Collection Point”.

2. Irrespective of location of purchase, for eligibility of refund the Subscriber is required to follow the process as detailed below:

a. Proof of ownership (Original SAF or Money receipt or  Warranty Card) (Any one of these documents)

b. Subscriber ID verification: Subscriber ID (Mandatory) & Registered Mobile Number (RMN). Additionally subscriber will need to bring their original National ID or Passport along with a copy of National ID or Passport for submission.

c. Required components for Refund Eligibility are STB, RCU, PSU, HDMI and RCA or AV Cable, all in working condition

d. Duly filled and signed STB Collection Form (available at the Collection Point)

e. Required information for refund: Name & Address, Bank Name, Branch Name and Account Number for online transfer or MFS type and number.

Note: No refund will be applicable if the above criteria are not met. 

3. The RealVU representative at the collection point reserves the right to verify the working condition of the STB component.

4. Subject to successful verification of Subscriber information and STB in working condition, the mode of payment will be as per Subscriber’s selection in the STB Refund Process Form. Refund options are either Bank transfer or MFS (bKash or Rocket). The applicable refund amount will be disbursed to the Subscriber within 15 working days.

*STB includes Set Top Box, Remote Control Unit (RCU), Power Supply Unit (PSU), HDMI Cable and RCA or AV Cable



A list of collection points will be available on the RealVU website from 15th October 2018 onwards. Or you may call the helpline at 16442 between 15th October 2018 and 14th November 2018.

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