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Breaking FIRST : scheduled activity between 1am to 5am on 11th October (+1 service affected)
(Tuesday 11-October-2016, 00:13)MJ786 Wrote:
(Monday 10-October-2016, 23:41)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Monday 10-October-2016, 23:30)Nilu334 Wrote: [Image: c144fe4bec6f6cf922e7d5f8e3acc76a.jpg]

Nilu bro, where did you get this information from?
Are they shifting +1 channels to different tp?

no maybe their Hard disk got full after recording that +1 contents and then telecasting it.. so might be time for formatting Big Grin

Nahi bro. It's just a 1 hour delay. In HD DVR if i pause 8 PM programme and play it at 9 PM then it's just a 1 hoir delay so in their servers too only back lag would be of 1 hour for each channel. So do not worry, it's not a problem of storage. Infact in VOD they have such library of films, shows , events etc. that it surely needs a big server to store information.

Just wait n watch , we will see testing of many new channels tonight or post Dusshera day. I am sure that between 13th to 15th addition will happen

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