solution for rain interruption

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i actually suggested this to dish tv ,i asked them if i can have a larger dish but they just said this is a problem with every dth
do i have to buy it form external market? dish tvguys cannot provide it?
Dish TV will not provide it. If possible get a 6 feet C band dish and add two ku lnbs to receive NSS6 and Asiasat side by side. Then rain fade problem will be solved to most extent. But adding two ku lnbs side by side needs some patience and also little hard work.

Are for time being buy 100cms. What LNB you are using on 60cms dish?
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i will find some such shop in cochin and talk to them about this. Now both dish and lnb the same one Dish tv guys provided, not sure which make/type
I thought dish tv guys could offer me a such solution and i pay for it
On 4ft Dish or 6ft dish you cannot use Mono block to get both the satellites and that is a head ache. If you worry only about HD channels then buy 100cms or 4ft Dish and fix it to get Asiasat 5 and use diseqc and connect it on port two.

now i checked again asiasat varies between 63-69%. this is on the parent stb i watches,
there is another stb on front room which has 85% on asiasat,(different dish and lnb)
that stb also goes blank same way as this one during cloud considering 85% is good strength i am not sure alignment will help in this problem

so look like large dish is only workable solution , probably need the large C band dish but need some expert people to set it up.
Alignment will help to reduce the problem but wont solve it completely. 4Ft dish is good choice due to easier setup on ku band. If you are also planing to use for C band then take 6ft.

If you can install 60cms yourself then installing 4ft is easy. What ever the case Mono block cannot be used for these two Sad
for me whenever dark clouds starts gathering as5 channels go off... then slowly dishtv nss6 and dd dth , some strong tps stay till rain gets very heavy..
looks the same way/order for me, HD channels can be used as rain predictor
i will need to find some professional guys to do this for me. If i get C band 6ft, this problem will be minimal right?
With C band dish can i get some more HD channels that not there in dishtv? it will take another hd reciever +lnb+cable running downwards right?
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Yes if you want to watch channels other than the one dish TV provides then you need another STB.
@mulder, as your dish will be on As5 you will have to put Ku lnb to larger dish , but what more HD channels you want to watch? There are nothing on KU band. If u want Cband then there are lot of HD channels FTA but you need to move your dish again to that satellite.

About fixing dish, you dont need professional from outside, just bring it from within you. you can do it alone for 6ft dish antenna.. its easy

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