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I mean when there is no rain what signal strength are you getting for Asiasat HD channels. Since you watch only HD channels, align dish in such a way that you get maximum signal strength for Asiasat channels. So that you can at least reduce the duration of outage. And I don't think there is any way to completely solve the rain outage problem in dth.
(Saturday 30-August-2014, 21:00)mulder Wrote:
(Saturday 30-August-2014, 20:48)Maveli Wrote: Yea rain outage is common in dth. BTW Why don't you try kerala vision? Anyway you won't get this much HD channels on any cable in Kerala Big Grin
i didnt know they have HD, i am not sure their network is here, asianet didnt want to lay 100m cable. Anyway after these HD channel addition i dont really want to go to cable

They have very less HD channels. Less than Asianet Digital. And choose cable only if you watch Malayalam channels more. Or else you can keep it as a secondary connection also if you have lot of money Big Grin
(Saturday 30-August-2014, 19:36)mulder Wrote: In kerala it is always raining and at the sight of a cloud the HD channels goes first, and if it starts raining then the sd channels goes as well.
So inspite of paying around 800rs pm(2 tv) most of the time cannot see anything
Dishtv guys dont have any solution they just says it is with every dth

anybody know any solution for this?

i have chased asianet cable 2 -3 times they are not interested in providing connection inspite of telling i will take their hd connection plus the 12mbps 60gb cable internet for 2000 odd per month. they need to bring some 100mtr cable so they are not interested and i stopped chasing them, if the attitude is like that before connection what will be after

also after the recent hd channel additions there is no sense to go to asianet cable because of so much less hd content, i hardly watch any sd channels. (now forced to watch beacuse dish tv hd gone due to slight rain, sd still working)

You can buy 90cms dish and it will survive till it rains very high.
thanks for your suggestion
i'll measure it again when it is sunny, so all the hd channels are from the 4 asiasat tp's?
Yes, and also you can try getting a larger dish as suggested by Amatan Smile

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