solution for rain interruption

First On WEB : solution for rain interruption
6ft dish cost is 400 rs more than what it is in hyderabad , rest of them are similar with some 50rs differences

Are you going to buy online or at local market?
I buy lot of stuff online mainly form ebay in and amazon, not sure this solid site can be trusted
i also thought the price were reasonable till i try to checkout when i saw a 1000Rs shipping charge. later amatan said their price is too much. so i will check the local market. Nowadays due to metro construction getting to that place is a real challenge also need to takeout the suv to bring these back so being lazy i was interested in buying online earlier.

amatan said the side mounted lnb not optimum for the rain fade so i await his reply for the best solution,
i want to do it right, i think here we have 7-8 months of rain here
also now iam not sure all the shops will be open due to onam, so will try sometime next week
getting that 6ft antenna is easy as it is packed well that you can carry on two wheeler also just with help of one more person to sit behind.. rest are small items..
For now you setup the dish with center lnb either on Asiasat 5 or on Nss6 and add a side lnb and use diseqc. There will be drastic reduction in rain fade on centre LNB.

If no need to watch DD channels and also lazy to buy 6ft dish you can reduce rain fade putting two dual out LNB with diseqc with one 60cms dish centered on Asiasat and another one on NSS. Rain fade will reduce atleast 30%.
OK, now it is clear what to do, i will get the 6ft and use the center lnb for asiasat. side lnb for nss6
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One more point as said by Mj786, buy one Cband LNB with scalar ring. Scalar ring should come with the LNB don't forget it.
Till now i had seen scalar rings come with cband lnbf.. so hopefully he will get if he buy Cband lnbf

maybe earlier there was some change, and also if we buy just lnb without feedhorn then scalar ring wont be given. So best is to buy LNBF
Some shops cheat that is why wanted to tell him clearly.

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