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Star Sports 4K, Asianet Movies HD, Vijay Super HD news copied once again

There were lots of copies as always from that usual group which lacks any originality. Some time back as everyone knows one Surfu copied Star Sports 4K channel and few more things. He went on to fake that he had chat with customer care of Tata Play and he put modified chat and claimed that channel will be added in the evening (this chat was on 28 Feb 2023). Till now that Star Sports 4K wasn’t added! We left it that time as he has no shame whatsoever. How much insult he gets from other members these people never reform.

Because of our forget and forgive policy, another person also took this as an advantage. In that copycat site he tries to project himself as if he is the PA of all TV channel & DTH owners and claims he has sources all over the world. But unless people like us tell him about something, he don’t have anything to post.

Sometimes he is so desperate and wants to prove he is some sort of ‘source’ makes posts like Tata Play adds NIT for Gsat 24. Those were not new nor from Gsat 24 and we had posted about those frequencies in our website long back. It just proves he don’t know what frequencies are shown in NIT and just comparing with active frequencies again from our website and he concludes those frequencies are new and so they should be for Gsat24. This is his knowledge. If he really had sources won’t they have corrected him? Why will he be going to make such fake posts? Even though he also gets lots and lots of insults from other members he refuses to get reformed and wants to get shamed again and again.

Now coming to copy he did today. We posted about Asianet Movies HD, Vijay Super HD & Star Utsav 2 yesterday. His sources failed him on his birthday to find these new channels as usual. So he went on to copy and make a thread in that copycat website and even went on to claim that channel was getting started and removed few times! Just post atleast one time the epg/channel list showing these channels which you have allegedly tuned.

He posted Asianet Movies HD from twitter video and some members thought that this copycat was even capable of receiving some channels. When another member cornered him to show picture from Vijay Super HD our hero says the channel was encrypted when he last checked.

But why not just post stb tuning that channel/ channel list menu? He can’t because he never tuned nor checked those channels and he don’t even have a C band setup. He has to depend on his friends and unless they give him the channel picture he won’t be able to post. To hide that shame he is telling the channel was encrypted.

He just took the video from twitter link which was posted by another member in that same thread! Look how much copy cat thing he is doing. One request after all you are taking screenshot can’t you atleast take it with some clarity? I have posted better clarity below.

Asianet HD

Links to our original posts from which these people copied:

Star Sports 4K testing on Tata Play


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  1. He is just a beggar nothing else.He begs every dealer/distributor he knows and jump by posting those conversations which are always fake. Now also for this images he is begging someone and saying he will post image once he gets from them.While making post he did not mention that he has begged someone to see if this channel started.

  2. Nice post of clearing my doubt.I was always in doubt regarding this as his rumours were not happening in real and he just tell some reason or other for non addition of any channels.
    He is just drum beater.

    1. You are correct.

  3. sad to know this.
    we thought he is real poster but now his real face is clear he just copy from this site it clearly looking

  4. Fake meetings, calling or I can say stalking people for information. He has zero knowledge about satellite, post 5 years old news about TP as brand new update for likes Mr Industry breaker. Getting exposed again loser,can’t get any update on own, only good at begging. #CopyCatLoserVadi

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