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Sun Direct adds News18 Urdu channel on lcn 642 on 17-Mar-2018

Sun Direct adds News18 Urdu channel lcn 642 on on the frequency 12397 H 32000 on Measat 3 at 91.5 degrees East.

This happend on 17-Mar-2018

Technical parameters of News18 Urdu channel:

Channel name:News18 Urdu
DTH: Sun Direct
Symbol Rate:32000
Video PID:33
Audio Pids: Default MPEG PID 32
Service ID: 227


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  1. They did as you said.

    1. Again this is illogical. Name change happened in all dth and posted by many others from other dth. Like that someone posting the update from sun direct as like you. But you are taking this in wrong route.

      1. How he suddenly watched that Urdu channel? A South viewer watching Urdu channel and found the change and that too only after seeing me posting it here. Any logic in you argument? Even then it is called copying and he just verified whether that change happend to him as well. When ever some thing happens these copy cats find those themselves after I post it here? Only stupid fool going to believe it and I am not that much fool to believe those.

        Another fellow told that from office instead of working he called CC to ask about the LCN of a non existent channel (as it was added just few minutes before his alleged calling) and got those details. As usual his alleged calling to CC was 5 minutes after I posted those LCNs here. Fools may believe that story too.

        1. why are you deviating from this particular news? everyone know that the channel is rebranding on this day. so all dth will change the name. memebers who are updating news frequently will watch these updates as per my experience in all web sites. so nothing to say as copy. again. you are trying to attract more publicity. this is my last reply to you. I feel i am also giving you free publicity. earn your publicity on your own. good bye.

          1. Are they watching other’s posts about the name change or they watch in their stb for name change? If they are watching the stb for name change why they wait till I update it here? They are watching my posts or on the stb? It seems they are watching my posts for the update and that is why they post later. That is called Copy. Whether you like it or not that is the truth and just because you also copy posts that doesn’t mean copying is correct.

  2. ETV Urdu is now News18 Urdu

    * Updated *
    1) News18 Urdu (s) 12397, H, 32000 Channel Name(“ETV Urdu”=>”News18 Urdu”)

  3. SIr. May be this news also copied dream*** in their forum by any legend in shortwile . Mr. Leader sir.

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