Sun Direct going to remove Movies Now HD

Dear all,

I would like to keep you informed that we have decided to remove ET Now and Movies Now HD from our platform. While we realize the removal of some channels will cause subscriber dissatisfaction, prevailing business considerations leave us with no choice.

Proposed date for removal is 1st of February for both the channels. (We have started running the scroll on ET Now.)

Source: Samay

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Updated: December 29, 2017 — 11:54 pm


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  1. Why they removing channels? Any chance for adding new channels? Now what they are doing? Not adding more channels only thing is price increase and removing popular channels like MOVIES NOW HD

  2. Very Bad move.. but must be some agreement issue..

    Are there any more Sun HD channels left? .. get ready…. we might see them remove NGC HD and Discovery HD and add them also 😀

  3. Seems some problem with Times Group.

    If they remove this , that is a big loss to them. Hope they settle the issue and continue the channel.

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