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  1. Sports 18 2 channel will be added on LCN 307 tonight… Source confirmed

  2. Airtel only adding and removing news channels..No addition of premium channels like mtv hd,mtv beats hd,DD sports hd, sports 18 2 and others..will loose it’s customers to rival tata play

  3. Update:

    5 channels will be removed from 30 November 2023 on Airtel Digital TV platform

    1. News State Maharashtra/Goa (LCN:542)
    2. News State Bihar/Jharkhand (LCN:378)
    3. Sri Sankara TV (LCN:679)
    4. Jaihind TV (LCN:849)
    5. Prag News (LCN:638)

  4. Update:

    1Sports (LCN:307) will be discontinued by the broadcaster end going to shutdown from 21 November 2023 on Airtel Digital TV platform

    1. Will sports 18 2 be added on this channel after removing of 1 sports bro

      1. Don’t know bro.

      2. India Australia Series starts in few days time so expect it to be added or Sports18 3 as they are having the rights for Live telecast.

  5. Update:

    DD Uttarakhand will be added on Airtel Digital TV @ LCN 155 from tonight

  6. 4 DD channels will be LCN changed from tonight on Airtel Digital TV

    DD Shillong from LCN 379 to 647
    DD Uttar Pradesh from LCN 380 to 154
    DD News from LCN 381 to 386
    DD Shimla from LCN 386 to 157

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