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Swaraj Express SMBC @ FREE testing on Airtel Digital TV 10-May-2023

Airtel Digital TV started testing Swaraj Express SMBC @ FREE . Swaraj Express SMBC @ FREE added on the frequency 11642 H 30000. Airtel Digital TV is available on SES 7 satellite located at 108 degrees East. Latest update of Airtel Digital TV as on 10-May-2023
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  1. Pritam Kumar Sarkar

    8 Channels has been shifted to new LCN from 18 May 2023 on Airtel Digital TV

    Bharat 24 Old LCN 373 New LCN 328
    India News Old LCN 370 New LCN 329
    CNBC Awaaz Old LCN 329 New LCN 330
    India News UP UK Old LCN 377 New LCN 333
    India News Haryana Old LCN 371 New LCN 339
    News State Bihar Jharkhand Old LCN 378 New LCN 373
    DD Shillong Old LCN 379 New LCN 378
    DD Uttar Pradesh Old LCN 380 New LCN 379

    Scroll running on 8 channels

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