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ZEE TELUGU NEWS now available on Asiasat 7 @ 105.5 degrees East frequency 3820 V latest update 30-Mar-2023

“ZEE TELUGU NEWS” comes on Asiasat 7 frequency 3820 V 27500. Asiasat 7 is located at 105.5 degrees East. Details of ZEE TELUGU NEWS channel: Channel name:ZEE TELUGU NEWS Frequency:3820 Polarisation:V Symbol Rate:27500 Video PID:4592 Audio Pids: Default MPEG PID 4593 tel Service ID: 84 Satellite: Asiasat 7

Fly Sports added on Asiasat 7 @ 105.5 degrees East (with pics) 08-Mar-2022

Fly Sports channel comes on the frequency 3677 V 5000 on Asiasat 7. Asiasat 7 is at 105.5 degrees East orbital slot. Technical parameters of Fly Sports channel: Channel name:Fly Sports Frequency:3677 Polarisation:V Symbol Rate:5000 Video PID:52 Audio Pids: AAC-LATM PID 53 = Satellite: Asiasat 7 Exclusive image of Fly Sports from Asiasat 7 on […]

“Saudi Quran” channel started on Asiasat 5 tp 4082 H (exclusive snaps from the channel) 08-Nov-2020

Saudi Quran comes on Asiasat 5 on the frequency 4082 H 30000. Saudi Quran is available on Asiasat 5 at 100.5 degrees East. Parameters of Saudi Quran channel: Channel name:Saudi Quran Frequency:4082 Polarisation:H Symbol Rate:30000 Video PID:465 Audio Pids: Default MPEG PID 485 Satellite: Asiasat 5 Snaps of Saudi Quran from Asiasat 5