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Tata Sky’s mobile app further enchanced to offer more convenience to users

Tata Sky's mobile application has been enhanced for Apple users. The upgraded app will offer more convenience to users as it supports some really cool stuff on the Apple iphone & ipad (ver 4.3 or higher). Tata Sky factors consumer suggestion and has further innovated their app to provide functions like Wi-fi based remote for HD PVR - this means you can use the device as a remote control for the set-top box directly without requiring a dongle as, the remote sends commands to the set-top box over the home wifi network. This removes the dependance of having a mp3 mobile accessary and the app can provide remote function independently. Other functions the app will allow users to perform are browse through the 4 day program guide on the device, Social experience - share of views on comments/programmes on Facebook & Twitter, Set remote recording for HD PVR, Set program reminders, Get info on cast/crew/storyline/reviews for specific movies selected through the program guide. This is a good step by Tata Sky and users can benefit greatly with the new and enchanced iOS app.

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