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Tata Play starts testing new HEVC channel

Tata Play has added test channel today named as Test Service 2215 on frequency 11590 H 32720which was first reported by our site few days ago when in testing and now today and this channel is just testing in HEVC format and seeing the bit rate it seems to be a 4K channel.

To those members who were asking me about this i would like to say that as of now this channel is just in Testing and some rumour and fake forums copied from here and giving it title as if they found it on their own.

Two days ago Tata has shifted 3 channels from this TP to make some space , those 3 were Star Gold HD, Sony SAB HD and ABP News.




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  1. The person who copied from here is telling some people are jealous about him! You people think that person has some shame lol.

  2. Will STAR GOLD 2 HD and other pending channels be added on Tata Play through these New TP’s

  3. But it consuming 13 mb of data

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