Tata Sky adds Bengali audio feed removes English audio feed from Sangeet Bangla on 21-Mar-2018

Tata Sky adds Bengali audio feed removes English audio feed from Sangeet Bangla. Audio options changed from Default MPEG PID 3202 eng to Default MPEG PID 3202 ben . Sangeet Bangla is available on Tata Sky on the frequency 11130 H 32720 on Insat 4A/Gsat 10 at 83 degrees East. At present Sangeet Bangla on Tata Sky has Bengali audio language feeds to choose. Scanned and updated on 21-Mar-2018

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  1. Also let alone be naming satellite channels properly, now even on the EPG of their promo channels, they have started writing their brand name without space between two names, sometimes they even don’t use upper case for the S in Sky. All in all this surely portrays them in bad light. They keep telling everyone that their USP is “Quality” & it differentiates them from rest but what does it tell when they can’t even take care of basic grammatical errors in their EPG info

  2. Now i am more than convinced that this broadcast engineer used to work for Videocon d2h before Tata Sky hired him. The mistakes being made are quite identical & clearly shows training has been received under same shed

    1. We need to see whether D2H doesn’t do these things now. If they didn’t they we can confirm that person has shifted to TataSky. Else there is another person similar to him doing these useless things all the time.

      1. Amatan bro, Videocon still does similar mistakes, there must be few of them handling these things. All i am saying is that Tata Sky must have hired broadcast engineer who worked at Videocon before hence he is messing up here too, it’s result of poor training received by him & improper monitoring system at Tata Sky has made this go on unchecked.

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