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Hi All –

I need some help from all gurus out there! I am using Tata Sky HD + connection for almost 2 years now. I had the signal problem last week and reported the problem to Tata Sky. (They claim, they are upgrading, so problem was accepted). I was still able to view many channels in spite of trouble with HD channels.

Then suddenly, all channels went off air and I get the contact Tata Sky helpline number on screen. i was then, unable to view my recorded programs as well. In short, everything went blank.

I tried reaching them; after numerous attempts was successful, I was told, this is same connection problem. Engineers visited my home and promptly said, HD+ box have to replaced. I was quite annoyed.

a) I didn’t want to lose the hard disk full of favourite shows and movies (My usage of 2 years had resulted in almost 88% of disk being full).
b) This box is Tata Sky property and how can they charge customers for replacement without even checking the problem.

Does anybody around here know if this problem can be solved without replacing box?

Alternatively, as last resort of replacement; from what I understand, STB contains a hard drive, which should be easily ported to new box, is it possible? And finally I shouldn’t be charged for replacement.

Help please!

Thanks in advance,
P.S.: My Tata Sky Mega HS Subscription is still not overdue.

Updated: December 7, 2018 — 5:37 pm


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  1. Will TS allow it? They will take the old stb and also ask the hard disk?

  2. if use laptop ,purchase hard disk holder (sata to usb).eaisly connect your hard disk on your laptop via usb .minimum hard drive convertor box price is 1290/-

  3. plz open your ts box and hard drive sata+power cable open stb mother board ,hard drive sata and power cable connect to pc mother board (slave) and all data copy on your pc hard drive.


  4. please open the box and

  5. That is how dth service loot money. This is a problem with all dth providers.

  6. @BOLDY:
    I have done Master reset, problem still persists.

    BTW, your response doesn’t answer my query. This is the same response Tata Sky gave me without even checking what problem could be:

    a) If I replace my STB; I need data which is in my hard drive of HD+ box.
    b) Why should I be charged for STB, which is Tata Sky’s property and they are supposed to maintain it. If I cancel my subscription, they will take it along. Why Should I pay for a new STB?


  7. press orginiger button ,system setting press master reset system automatic rebot ,if same problem preset swap your stb .stb out of warrenty charge change stb .charge 520/-include installer visit(170/-)

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