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tatasky sucks getting worse
tatasky is now realliy get more and more worse they are not adding good channels but just increasing rate and packages.also they remove utv world movies which was good than this movies now which is also not given in hd.shame tatasky for not fitting in dth industry and did not expect that they should also keep upto expectations
I am shocked to see that you still have some hope on the long dead Tatasky.
lol why are u still wasting time on this dth? take ddd+ and enjoy like me.
good one bikun,tatask is really getting worse and they have increased the installation rate also.they are showing that installation is like setting up new satellite at home or what
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well what do u want that tata sky should give all things free, it is bcoz of this attitude that already hardware quality in dth is down today.tata sky is not getting worse infact they are trying to add all popular channels despite the space crunch that they r facing

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